Essie Uptown Taupe KOTD

Essie Uptown Taupe, 3 coats with Seche Vite. A blushing taupe with a gorgeous silver shimmer throughout. I love this color, but I don't think I like it on me. This indoors picture is showing more pink than in person, which is just slightly darker (more brown?).

I was dying to try China Glaze Awaken to stamp with, it works fantastic with Konad! Awaken is so opaque it is wonderful as you can see in these outdoor pictures. I love the metallic look! I definitely recommend trying this for stamping. Oh yeah remember that break last week? My patch fell apart Friday night so I had to chop it off, I don't have the heart to cut the rest of my nails, just yet. :)

I like showing both hands with konadicures, interesting to see how each hand turns out, no? I used plates m20 and 25. Click to enlarge if you like!

Last week I felt like I would die, just DIE if I didn't eat any onigiri. It's just a ball of rice that has a little something inside like pickled plums or fish wrapped in seaweed. I went to Safeway and they sold the full size sheets of seaweed so I made some! I made waaaay too many so I wrapped them up, forgot to take pictures until I ate half of them lol.


  1. I love onigiri! I only like omebushi in mine but my husband isn't into pickled plums, so I put a bit of teriyaki chicken in the center of his. :)

    Looks like that China Glaze ended up being awesome for Konad stamping! I'll have to pick up a few from that collection.

  2. That's a gorgeous Konadicure! I love using ChG for stamping, I've found they work great and don't smear with top coat!

  3. That looks so pretty, that is a great konad design!

  4. Got to love a taupe! I love this shade on you and the stamping gives it oompf and makes it very interesting. I think you will get loads of comments on this mani! Lovely work Kae! <3

  5. I love you art. It's super cute.

  6. I think "Uptown Taupe" looks very pretty on you. I just picked it up today because I couldn't find "Over the Knee". I'm glad I got it after seeing your post & I got it for only $4.

  7. How lovely your nails look. I love the design you used. Sorry you had to finally cut your nail.

  8. Mmmm onigiri delicious! I like the mani, I'm surprised how opaque the China Glaze is. It looks perfect! Beautiful as always :)

  9. I love the whole look! I think it looks very nice on you :)

  10. i think the combination is fantastic, looks really nice on you. perfect nail art too! :)

  11. I love that taupe color...very pretty and the stamping adds just the right touch. Lovely nails!

  12. beautiful mani :)
    awaken does really seem to work great with Konad it almost seems to look like the new princess special polishes Konad released a while back, doesn't it?

    ohh onigiri... thaht brings back fond memories of my great japanese teacher :)

  13. Hi Kae! I'm! I do like the taupe color on you,and of course the konading makes it look perfect.

  14. Asami,
    Ooh you too huh? Yeah I put lots of ume in mine! I love sour stuff. Yeah it was great with konad, i need to pick some more up myself!

    Thank you, I never tried anything but their OMG polishes to stamp with (and thats always great).

    Thank you!

    Thanks, I thought I went a little overboard with the stamp, i kept wanting to add more and more lol. :)

    thank you! :D

    Thanks, hope you like yours! :)

    Thank you! Ah well at least I can type better :D

    Yeah i was surprised too! It stamped so thick and perfect, thanks! :D

    Thank you! :)

    Thank you! ♥

    Thank you! (^-^*)

    Thanks, yah I think the whole romantique collection might, I want some more! Mmm now I want more onigiri but I ate all the nori aaaah

    Hi! I just stopped by your blog glad all is well. lol I'm hungry too. Thank you! :)


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