Essie Sassy Satchel

Sassy Satchel, 3 coats with Seche Vite. Yikes I did not realize my shots were all bad til the next day when I went to pick one out. Anyway this is more vampy in person, it looks more rich and earthy. This one does have a really great shimmer to it.

I finally cut my nails, and it was so I can play Crysis. Sad I know lol but it's so fun! I filed them down waaaaay too short, my hyponychium is showing in several of my nails (hah thanks to Mitsue for teaching me that part!) I try to nip them away but ow just barely touching it is so sensitive! I hope that part goes away soon.

Just because I felt like it I'm going to throw this in, one of my favorites Russian Ruby!


  1. Your nails still look beautiful, but I hope the pain goes away soon :) That's a pretty shade by Essie, I think it looks very rich.

  2. Both manicures are lovely. The Russian Ruby is really a beautiful shade. I love the butterfly on your nails. The things you have to do to play games! Your nails still look lovely. I'm sorry you didn't win the Illmasqua contest. I thought your manicure was amazing. You did make the finals! I'm still proud of you.

  3. Your nails look great long and short!

  4. I love the Russian Ruby manicure with the butterfly stamp. That's gorgeous! I think your nails look beautiful always Kae, hope they stop feeling sore soon. I hate having ghost nails!

  5. Mary,
    aww thanks, me too! feeling less sensitive today.


    Thank you! Wow that is the nicest thing to say, you are so sweet! I'm so touched (^^')

    Evil Angel,
    Thank you! :)

    Thank you! yeah they feel better today! Lol that makes me think of wearing a band aid for a day on a fingertip, then taking it off hours later or the next day and it feels all weird and sensitive. ok I'm done being weird!

  6. The essie is such a gorgeous vampy color, love the konad so pretty!

  7. Both of those polishes look beautiful on you, and your nails are just gorgeous :)

  8. This vampy shade is absolutely perfect !

  9. That Essie is really nice, I will think about getting it too. And your nails look great, short or long :)

  10. Oooh, Sassy Satchel looks like a great fall color! Haha, now I need to look up that word.
    And the Russian Ruby makes me want Strawberry Starburst. How's that for weird? Your nails look great though!

  11. hi nora,
    thanks! I love fall and these colors that go with it!

    Thank you!


    It is a great color, thank you :)

    mmm I love fall and the smell of wood burning (chimney smoke?)!
    man I haven't had a starburst in a while, I did eat 2 flavor skittles tho ;D

  12. I just got my first Essie polishes! I'm excited to try them out seeing as everyone always talks so highly of them. By the way- I tagged you on my blog!

  13. aaaahhhh - your nails were so long and pretty! but they will grow again - lol that you did it for a game.

  14. Sparklingpinkgorilla,
    Essie's are really great polishes! Thank you so much for the tag! :)

    hah! at least they will grow back fast. lol yeah the things I will do to play a game!


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