Color Club Under The Mistletoe

Hi everyone! Sorry for not posting in a while, what happened was I broke a nail and luckily I managed to patch it. It is on my right hand but if I break a nail I can't repair then I have to cut them all, having one short one drives me crazy! So anyway onto the polish...

Under The Mistletoe is from Color Club's Wonderland collection, it's a mini set with 3 glitters and a clear topcoat. I am wearing 2 coats and I thought the glitter and color covered really well. I only used 1 coat of Seche Vite and it is not bumpy at all. It is like key lime pie on my nails! Why do all polishes compare so well to food?


  1. That looks so nice on you! I'm crossing my fingers that you'll be able to save your nail :) Yummy...Key Lime Pie!

  2. I am not much into greens, but this looks so nice! I think I will have to get all the Color Club´s mini collections, they make them so nice :)

  3. ohhh soo pretty,im really starting to like glitters alot thanx to ur nailz hehehehe 0oo key lime pie sounds interestingg..

  4. What a fun and super pretty glitter! Glitter nail polishes are such a pain to remove though (unless you have felt)!

  5. Love this shade of green glitter. Key Lime Pie on your nails is yummy. Looks gorgeous on you. Glad you got your nail patched. I do the same thing. I hate having uneven nails.

  6. it looks very good on you, I like glitter polishes except when the time comes to take them off and I end up with glitter everywhere ^_^ this one looks like it would be awesome for some christmas nail art :)

  7. that color is awesome!! it reminds me of the green Granny Smith apples (which are my fave)! :D love it!

  8. This color does look yummy! And of course, it's very nice on you!

  9. I love how this glitter looks on you!

  10. Oh, it is gorgeous. I have this on my list, there's so many Color Clubs I want. It is funny how so many polishes remind us of food!

  11. Oh, I knew I'd like UTMT on you! What a gorgeous Christmas shade! Do you think this would look good over the top of OPI's Here Today.... Aragon Tomorrow? Or would HTAT be too dark? Key Lime Pie, that sounds yum! Is it a very sweet pie? Do you have it with icecream? And yes, I'll stop drooling and imagining now!! <3

  12. Mmm you're making my hungry with mentions of key lime pie! Don't say it too loud or James will hear, it's his favorite pie! Your nails really do look delicious though, the green is very intense!

  13. Hi mary! lol thanks, it broke off completely so it's just a time game, hope I win!

    I just love their minis, the brush is really nice for how tiny the bottle is. Orly minis are good too!

    thanks, taking them off is the worst though! bleeeeh lol

    yah i have a love/hate relationship with them lol. I do need to buy some felt

    thanks, yeah me too haha. I hope it lasts a month or so ;p heres to wishful thinking!

    thank you! :D

    haha me too! yeah i will have to try something when it's closer to the holidays.

    thanks! oooh that's a good one! now I want an apple ;D

    thank you :)

    thank you!!

    I need them all lol. I guess it means I'm a little piggy, oink oink ;p

    aww, thanks :D Hmm I think this would look layered, I'm not sure over what tho since the polish itself is pretty green. key lime pie is usually less sweet and more tart. I like it because it's so refreshing! lol well i would eat ice cream with any pie I think ;p

    mm I had cheesecake (and other bad things) over the weekend, i have to stop craving the sweets! I can't wait to try the other glitters aaah

  14. That color makes me smile! I love glittery greens!

  15. These glitter are killing me !!

    2 coats ?? and it looks loke this ?? I love it !

  16. Your nails are looking beautiful! and the green glitter just makes them even more pretty :)

  17. gildedangel,
    I love it! they are great :D

    yeah these glitters from cc are superb! :)

    thank you very much! :)

    don't worry, me too


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