Color Club Dark Romance

L-R Dark Romance, Matte Topcoat, Alabaster, and Smoke And Mirrors. This is a matte collection!

I did a very similar mani to this a few months ago but I think this one is better! I used all 3 colors by painting 2 coats of white on half of my nail and 1 coat black on the other half. Then 1 coat of silver down the middle. My favorite of the bunch is Smoke And Mirrors, it has the finish of unpolished aluminum and super opaque I just love it. Here is no topcoat, and drying time was super fast on all 3 of these.

I decided to try the matte topcoat, it says it will turn any polish into a suede finish, so it ended up turning my mani a little shiny! I guess I will try this out on something else another time. My index finger got lumpy after I sleeping on it ;(


  1. Wow! This is such a nice mani! I will have to try this as son as I get this set :) love your nails.

  2. That mani is awesome! I might try something like that!

  3. Cute - I really like 'Smoke and Mirrors'

  4. Wow so pretty and sleek! You're so great at nail art.

  5. Smoke and mirrors is beautiful! Love this mani and update us on the matte top coat.

  6. I love how straight this one is, very futuristic ^_^ I wish my hands were that steady!

  7. i lovee it veryy cute,i love the 2 colours together

  8. Love those colors. Your mani is so cool!

  9. That is lovely and sharp looking. Amazing design.

  10. Allyoudesire,
    Thanks! It's super easy since you dont have to be perfect with the side colors.

    thanks, it's quick and easy too!

    Thanks, me too!

    Thank you :)

    Evil Angel,
    I agree! Thank you, I will have to try that topcoat on some stuff soon.

    Thanks, but you know mine shakes like crazy sometimes. The trick is to put your elbow or part of your arm on table and move the arm, not the hand. er I dunno if I explain that properly =x

    Thank you! :)

    Mighty Lampchop,
    Thanks! :D

    Thank you! ♥

  11. Mine didn't go matte either! I sent an email to color club to ask if i did something wrong.


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