China Glaze Laced Up

Laced up is from the Kicks collection, I am wearing 3 coats with Seche Vite. It is a hot bright pink, I had some application issues because mine was a tad thin and runny. I applied a thicker 3rd coat and it covered all the bald spots fine. I don't care what time of the year it is, a pretty pink will get me!

Some knee high Hello Kitty Halloween socks I found. I am chilly 99% of the time and I wanted some long socks to keep me more toasty, finding some in HK was a bonus!

I'm behind on comments, I feel crummy today so tomorrow I will try to reply to everyone. Thanks for reading!


  1. hi kae!!! ahh that color is similar to the one I'm giving away in my 1st contest! i really hope you'll join, as you're one of my 1st followers! :D that color is so gorgeous on you! now if only i could make my nails look like that!!

  2. that's such a gorgeous pink.. Love your Hello Kitty socks they're fabulous!!

  3. Your polish matches your Hello Kitty Halloween socks. Adorable! I love it. Horizontal stripe hosiery always delights me. :)

  4. Gorgeous shade and so flattering on you! LOVE the HK socks, way too cute! I hope you are feeling OK Kae, shame if you are not well :( xx <3

  5. That is a fantastic pink on you!

  6. ur nails were pretty in HOT pink.. i lve ur Hk socks...will u also try to have a HK dress for a halloween party?hehehe..

  7. Your nails look absolutely gorgeous in this hot pink!!! And the socks? Love them!

  8. Omg, Laced Up is the worst polish I've ever tried application wise. It was thick, runny, wouldn't apply evenly at all and was a complete nightmare for me to apply! It looks fab on you though. :)

  9. such a pretty pink,it looks much better on your nails... And i lovee those socks

  10. How cute these socks are?Laced up looks amazing on you!

  11. aaah KAE!

    I love those HK socks! I know I should be commenting on how hot that pink looks on your hands but I can't help but love those cute socks hhahah :D

  12. Beautiful polish. With a black polish striper, you could really "lace" it up... :-)

  13. Hi Tammi! Oooh you can bet I'll be entering in your giveaway :D I will do it all tonight!

    Katie (Strange Little World),
    Thank you! There is another pair of socks I haven't shown yet :)

    Lol yeah they do match huh? I have another pair to show you soon.

    Thank you! I felt like a cold was coming on the past few days but I think I'm feeling better today!

    Thank you :)

    Thanks, lol a HK dress would be so awesome! But sadly no :(

    Thank you! :)

    Yeah mine was runny if you enlarge my pic you can see it went everywhere ;x I'm a pink lover so a price worth paying for me!

    Thanks, but I thought it looked fantastic on you too so you hush :) I have another pair to show you!

    Katie (did her polish),
    Thank you! yeah I was almost making noises in the store when I saw the socks lol..

    hi! lol I don't blame you, poor polish got outstaged by SOCKS! :)

    Thanks! That is a great idea, I haven't tried anything like that yet so it's on my list of to-do art!

  14. How can a chick not like pink??? I don't think that I get tired of pink polish. It's an awesome color and totally awesome on you Kae.

  15. Hope your feeling better sweetie! That's a gorgeous pink on you. Love you Hello Kitty knee hi's. You look cute standing there in your socks! I'm always cold also.

  16. Jenn xswtbbyangelxATgmailOctober 26, 2009 at 7:47 PM

    Hi there,

    I've been searching for those socks your wearing and finally found them on your site. Could you please tell me where did you bought them from?


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