China Glaze For Audrey, cake, contest entry and stuff!

3 coats of For Audrey with Seche Vite. What can I say about this that you already don't know? It is a gorgeous Tiffany blue, my lighting made it look very harsh and neon-like but in person it is more soft and delicate.

My end of summer entry over at Nail Art Tuesday. I wore For Audrey as the base and painted the rest with acrylic paint. I kept it simple, it's a girl enjoying a nice day as the season changes. I left the pinky blank so you could appreciate the color, and the other 3 come together to make a landscape picture of the scene. I haven't done one of these in a while so it was pretty fun! Please click to enlarge.

Oh you can check out the other entries here and vote for your favorite.

It was my brother in law Eric's birthday on Saturday so we all went out to dinner. I totally forgot to take pictures of my meal! I had filet mignon with a side of spinach and garlic mushrooms. It was so good! Luckily I got one of dessert, it was amaretto spongecake something. Yum!

This is me and my sister in law, Olivia. We posed like this for what seemed like an eternity and my smile got bigger and more odd as each shot was taken and something was wrong with it lol. I am wearing Baby Goth Girl, my finger got cut off but it looks black anyway! :(


  1. I love that For Audrey color but never buy it when I see it in the store. That's pretty impressive getting all that on three nails! I'll have to go check out the nails from the contest. That cake looks yum!

  2. thats a very pretty nail art... waaaaaaaaa.... good luck to all of us...

  3. That's cute. I love For Audrey, such a cute color

  4. I love For Audrey; it is a great color!

  5. Good luck with the contest - I love your freehand stuff.

    I don't have For Audrey but I do have the Barry M equivalent - must get round to swatching it.

    Mmmmm not so keen on the cake but bring on the steak and the veg - yum!

  6. Wow you're so talented with nail art, love your contest entry. That cake looks divine and you're so pretty! Both of you are! :)

  7. that blue is outstanding kae! im in love

  8. I love For Audrey! What a stunning colour. Your nail art is as impressive as always and I love the picture of you and your sister in law. Two stunning ladies <3 xx

  9. Sparkling,
    Oooh you should definitely get it, it's a must have!

    Thanks, I liked yours a lot :)

    Nail Fanatic,
    Me too! A fave :D

    I agree, I think I could wear it anytime, anywhere!

    Aww thanks :)

    Oooh I'd like to see it!

    Haha, well it was super scrumptious :D

    I think it's really fun to just pick up the paintbrush and go. It was gooooood, and thank you :)

    Hi there! It's such a great color to wear anytime :)

    Aww, thank you for all the sweet things you say :) ♥

  10. i voted for you!!! I really like your nail art. I tried my hand on it and I sucked :( and my nails arent as long. They always chip! I dunno what to do with them! HAHA. Have a great day, Kae! I'm a new follower by the way!

  11. I love that art! You are so good at painting. I voted for you ^_^

  12. I voted for you! And I just noticed, it looks like I'm resting my head on your shoulder lolz

  13. Ross P,
    Aww thanks, there are better ones out there :D Do you use a basecoat, and if so what kind? It may also be your topcoat too! Thank you for following! :)

    Aw thanks you are too sweet (^^)

    Thanks, you didn't have to! I just notice that too now lol. Once I get all my shopping links in order I'm gonna put your esty store in there :D

  14. Aw thank you!! You don't have to, but that's really nice of you!


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