OPI Mojave Mystic Mauve and some weird blue french

This bottle of Mojave Mystic Mauve is dried and cakey at the top, lots of little dried chunks fall inside so my nails are a little bumpy. Then I noticed the angle and lighting in my pictures hid the bumps, yay for me!

Now the name says mauve, but it's really toned down with some grey and it has tons of bright pink and purple shimmer. It looks like yet another drab work-appropriate color I've chosen, but the unexpected funky shimmer makes it so fun! Should definitely click the picture to see the shimmer.

I used 2 coats with OPI Rapid Dry topcoat. I think this topcoat does an ok job of drying quick but as I type this I have already messed up my left index finger. It's been hours since I painted my nails, bleh.

I did a blue french with some polish from Wet Seal, this is the only bottle I own from there and it's all right application wise. The color is nice though. It was boring-looking so I was just playing around with some acrylic paint but thought I'd show you. I started with my pinky so by the time I got to the index finger it turned out ok lol. I forgot to take pictures of my right hand aaah.

Look at those stains! My left hand is really bad.


  1. gorjuzzzzzz i love the blue french mani its so pretty love it

  2. i love last one! you should do a tutorial on it. =)

  3. OMG the blue french is amazing Kae, you are very talented :)

  4. The OPI is a pretty shade, but your blue polish with the nail art is awesome! I'll say it again, you are so very talented :)

  5. I love the funky blue french! So pretty! The Opi is a nice one too. Like you said,good for work.

  6. I love the blue flowers you painted! They're so pretty.

  7. Oooow I love the blue french. The little flowers really make it! I can't believe you did that with acrylic paint, wow I'm going to have to give it a go! <3

  8. Kae the blue french is gorgeous! I really like it and the mauve is a classic shade and looks really lovely on you! I just wish OPI's cost us $5.50 in OZ, we pay up to $20 - $25 a bottle! <3

  9. I love the purplish-grayed color and your nail art is sooooooo cool. Love it!

  10. Thank you Skye :)

    I think anyone can do it! I impulsively bought a cheap paintbrush and a mini try of acrylic paint and just tried it :D

    Thanks, I'm terrible with tutorials! Basically tho I put a dollop of blue paint next a dollop of white and dipped my brush into both and just swooshes them in a direction.

    Thank you :)

    I like it so much that I'm still wearing it despite a few chips and smudges! Thank you :()

    Thanks, I was just messing around with the paint lol.

    Thank you! ☺

    Thanks! I love acrylic paint it's so easy to use and you can erase mistakes if you wipe it up right away :D

    Thank you. Haha that was the price 10 years ago in a salon, but even now I think the standard US salon price is $8.50 still way less than 20+ =x

    Thank you! ♥

  11. I love the blue polish with the designs. My friends keep telling me to do more "grown up" designs like yours....really cute.

  12. The Princess:

    Thanks! I like all your designs you should do whatever you want!

  13. I agree - I both like the base color - it makes your nails look so clean and finished! - and the nail art. I especially like that you didn't do the same thing on every nail, but something similar. A gorgeous effect!

  14. The blue funky french, and that design on it - unbelievable! How can you make such a design? It's absolutely amazing!

  15. Nivipa:
    Thank you!

    Thanks! It was very easy, dip paintbrush into blue then white paint, and just brush anywhere!

  16. very nice work on the painting. You do so great with that!

  17. Love the OPI shade. On your nails everything looks beautiful. Your art work is superb! Love that shade of blue.

  18. I concur - you should do a tutorial on that blue french mani. It's gorgeous ;)


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