Essie Eternal Optimist

I am too tired to take pictures and upload so this is Eternal Optimist from last week or so. Gosh it's getting harder to type everyday. I am really bad at typing as some of you know already, nails make it impossible to not typo!

I like the color, but I don't think it suits my skintone. It's a pinkish nude that made me look sallow in person. Does that mean I'm warm tone?

I think this indoor shot came out too dark, but you can really see the pink! I am wearing 3 coats, sorry about the cut too.


  1. Love the name of this polish and yes, I do like it on you. Always classy and elegant Kae!

  2. I too like it on you, it's subtle and classic, and every now and then we need a shade like that. I never could be clear on the whole warm/cool thing, but I'd say you're warm.

  3. The name makes me think of Charlotte's character in SATC, I think Carrie calls her that way during an episode. The color would suit her terribly well, it is classic and elegant.
    I think it looks good on you too.

  4. I actually like Eternal Optimist with your skin. I would say your complexion would fall into the warm category. I am not the best typist either, but I can't blame my nails. I've never been good at typing no matter the length. ;)

  5. I think this looks pretty with your skintone Kae.
    It's a pretty nude shade.

  6. I think we all are in agreeance on this Kae - because I too think it looks lovely on you! It's nice to switch up with neutrals every once in a while, hence my obsession with the khakis and browns lately. You have such lovely nails!

  7. Okay, here's the real story. You are a "winter". Whether it's nail polish or clothes, no earth tones, no yellow-based colors, only blue-based colors. Jewel tones are your friend. Jewelry....white gold or silver are best(although I love my yellow gold--great with a tan. I know this from personal experience. Enjoy your blog!!

  8. i like this very neutral colour great for all skin tones..i wnt ur nailsss hhehehe

  9. Danielle:
    Aww thanks, but really I look zombie-like with this on lol.

    I feel like I've been wearing nothing but sutble! I need to get some more funky brights. Yeah I'm confused too, I guess I never really notice how a color looks on my skin. I either like the color or not lol.

    Oh man, whats SATC?!

    Thank you, so you think warm too? Haha yah I'm bad before nails too!

    Ooh me too! Thank you, and when I cut mine I'm so happy I feel free lol.

    Thank you. :)

    Man, maybe the pictures didn't do the clashing any justice. Well clearly khakis and browns own :) Thank you

    I always wear earth tones aaah! So this means you are saying I'm cool toned? Sorry this whole skin tone thing is just over my head =x

    Hi! You have such lovely nails maybe I want YOURS, so there!

  10. Love it Kae! This is a nice work appropriate color as well as just taking it easy kinda color. lol


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