Sterling Silver Rose

Today I'm sporting Sterling Silver Rose by Orly, it's a frosty hot pink. I want a cell phone this color!

This is the rose bush behind my hand in the picture but it wouldn't fit! I know I've been kind of dull with no painting and even no stamping this week so I'm hoping to pick up the brush again this weekend for some nail art.

Have a nice day!


  1. ooh very nice :) let me know if you find that cell phone this color!

  2. I love this color! Very pretty on you. And, the rose is very pretty!! :)

  3. Kelliegonzo: haha I will!

    Olivia C: Thank you, we have a billion types of roses growing all over our property, I might have to start showing more every now and then!

  4. Hi Kae :)

    I'm loving all your posts! Look at all the pretty flowers you have I'm so jealous lol. Your posts make me feel all happy and summery when it's soo so cold here in Sydney xx

  5. Hi Joyce!

    I like cold weather, so maybe I'm a little jealous of you too lol.

  6. That's a beautiful color and your roses are stunning! Great pictures :)

  7. This is a really bright pink but I like it. I love the rose in your post. I agree with really do have nice pics.

  8. Oh what a beauty! Love that pink shade!

  9. Mary: thank you! you got me inspired to do the flowers :)

    Denny: I love all pinks lol, thank you :D

    Alexlyndra: Isn't it! I love it

    Naildesign: Thanks can't get enough pink around here. I just saw your blog too neat nail art :)


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