Serving up Cherry Pie and Orange Marmalade at the Raspberry Festival!

These 3 shades were the last of the Summer Days I have not worn yet. I thought I would swirl them together but I ended up trying to make a sort of swirled gradient. It was so hard to capture this, it just looks like my whole nail is Raspberry Festival. In person you can see it much better!

I think this inside shot shows it better then sunlight. Raspberry festival is on the left, Cherry Pie is in the center of the nail, and gradually turns into Orange Marmalade on the right. The gradient goes horizontally since I unexpectedly changed my plans last second from a marble attempt.


I used to eat a popsicle called an Astro Pop when I was in 6th grade. Not the red, white and blue one but it was red, orange and yellow. I could only find 1 picture, but this is what it reminds me of!

I loved these!


  1. Very pretty! I really like it - does remind me of a popsicle too. We have (had) Twin Poles here very simiar to the Astro Pop and with the same pretty colours! <3

  2. I love the vertical gradient! Clever to do three colors from the same glass flecked collection so they flow together even more. Very nice!

  3. Great Color! It reminds me of Astro Pops as too. I still love the red,white and blue ones and may even have some in the fridge now...

  4. wow i love this polish i love how there is a mixture in colours and in different light u can notice the different colours.gorjuz

  5. very nice :)
    I think we had those popsicles in France too, I just can't remember their names >_<

  6. I love your gradient mani! I've never thought of doing it vertically. I agree with Skye, it's so cool how it shows up differently in different lighting! Very pretty! : )

  7. Oooh nice! Very juicy!
    I have been practising gradient manicures all week and still havrn't come up with anything good enough to take a photo of :(

  8. Love it! I like the idea of a sideways gradient!

  9. I LOVED eating those popsicles when I was younger...actually I still do! :P Your nails really do match those colors...summer fun!

  10. omg your right! those were so good! made my face all red haha :D

  11. Danielle:
    Thank you, I haven't had it in years i wonder where to buy...

    Lacquer Laine:
    Thanks :)

    Thank you, yeah it was much easier since one color did blend easily with the next.

    The Princess:
    Haha, I've never had the red,white and blue one it must be yummy.

    Thank you! ♥

    :) They are yummy!

    Thank you! Wish you could have seen it in person for the full effect :)

    Ooh juicy! Trumped again by Miss Helen aaaah. Wow you could do a whole rainbow on your nails haha.

    Thanks :)

    Thank you! (^-^*)

    Haha yeah me too! Yum yum.

    I really want one now, never see it in grocery stores ;-

  12. WOW! I think this looks amazing for summertime. Great use of colors and texture! Reminds me of those red/orange push-pops you get from the ice cream man...

  13. Nice mix of polishes! Makes it look like gradiation/duochrome. :D

  14. Love it Kae!I remember eating those. I had the red, white and blue.

  15. Your nails look like flames, very beautiful! I can't wait to try this look, although that means I'll have to buy three new polishes. Darn! lol I'm just catching up on your blog - very glad to have found it!


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