Quick update

I won't be able to post anything new until this weekend, so here are my nails I did yesterday.

OPI You Ottaware Purple with OPI Greece Just Blue Me Away. It looks... interesting. Kind of reminds me of a more wacky version of an abalone shell in certain lights. I must admit it looks much better in person! I failed miserably at water marbling many months ago and got the idea for this over at Tartofraises: Nail-Art.

This is a cucumber that my mother in law gave me, it's huge! Inside was like a honeydew melon (seed wise) but it tasted like a really mild cucumber. I diced it into cubes and made a salad with it. That's all for now, I'll be back on the weekend!


  1. hey hun i love the marble affect it looks great 0o0o and that cucumber looks yummi!Hope ur not gone for to long take care =D

  2. Omg that's the biggest cucumber I've ever seen! The marbleing looks really pretty, I always wanted to try that technique. You're right it does remind me of an oyster shell or maybe even an opal. Very cute!

  3. I love that marbled look and yes, I failed miserably at that also :/ What an interesting cucumber. I love cucumbers with sour cream, vinegar, onion and green pepper.

  4. wow Kae!!!! This color and design is sooo mesmerizing! I wish I could do that...it would have totally matched my outfit today! :D

  5. Kae you've done a lovely job of marbeling. Your nails look gorgeous. Sure does look like a honeydew melon. I've never seen a cucumber like that before.

  6. That's the Cucumber That Ate Manhatten!

    I've never seen or heard of marbling nail art before, how amazing!!!!

  7. Nailz-In-Aus:
    Thank you, that cucumber was indeed yummy! I have a couple hours to kill right now so catching up on comments!

    I was kicking myself for eating half before I took a picture lol. It was very huge! I'd like to try other colors for marbling soon. Thank you :)

    Thank you, and wasn't it so hard?! Messy too. I guess lots of practice is necessary for the water marbling. Your cucumber recipe sounds delicious!

    Thank you, I wasn't sure about the colors at first but it grew on me lol. Cucumbers are so good on a hot summer day (it's so hot here right now aah).

    Ooh what did you wear on Wednesday? You should try it, you just put drops of your colors on your nails and swirl with something, toothpick, orangestick, dotting tool etc.

    Thank you :)
    I've never seen a cucumber like that before either, it was fun to eat!

    Haha, yeah you can find a lot of pretty marbling pics and videos out there. I didn't find this out either until last year =x.

  8. Marbling is so cool and you made it very very nice!

  9. That look's cool, I tried water marbling and it turned out okay ... I have issues when it comes to all my nails having a uniform pattern though....

  10. Alexlyndra:
    I'm hooked on it already, it was fun! Thank you :)

    Yeah water marbling was sooo messy and time consuming too! I might have to try it again when I'm in the challenge mood :D


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