OPI You Ottaware Purple

You Ottaware Purple is a plum purple shimmer, it goes on very sheer the first 2 coats, then the third covers it all up. I used 4 though because I'm always saying, aaah should have done another coat! It is so pretty outside, the shimmer it has really catches your eye.


  1. Ooooh! Yummy! I have to get this color. I keep debating on it. Don't ask me why...lol! Looks great on your nails.

  2. Hi Kae :)

    That colour looks great! I love purples they're my favourite but I couldn't find this colour at my nail supply place. This was from the Canadian collection right? :D

    PS. Have you heard of a website called strapya world?! THERE'S HELLO KITTY GALORE!!! and shipping is cheap too! check it out --> http://www.strapya-world.com/ I hope you find something you like xx

  3. Velvet: I love it, you should so get this. Stop yo debatin!

    Joyce: Oh man, I was at that website just a couple weeks ago an d watched this video about the edamame keychain, I gotta post it up lol. I do like the HK bling sets they sell too. But yah I spent waaaaay too much time there last time.

    Canadian collection yes, mine was a gift but it was ordered online at Head2toe Beauty. They probably dont ship to you huh?

  4. Hi Kae!

    I went craaaazy at Strapya world too! I think my order was like $100 or something I bought so much HK! muahahah you know my super blingy phone? i got my crystals from a Hello Kitty Bling kit.. I think it was called Kitty bow LOL
    I don't know if they ship to me because I've never tried it. I always thought that it was too expensive :( Damn Australian dollar.. RISE!!! :P

  5. So pretty! I love this purple!

  6. Denny: Yes I think so too!

    Olivia C. Thanks!

    Nailfiles: Yah I love it, a must have :D

    Nora: Thank you ♥ :)

  7. Purple is my second favorite polish color. Greens are my loves right now. I love this shade of purple. Looks very pretty on you.

  8. My gosh, what a beautiful purple!

  9. Thanks Lucy, green is a great first choice lol!

    Alexlyndra: my new second favorite purple now I think!


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