OPI Ti-Tan Your Toga

Ti-Tan Your Toga surprised me with it's opacity and pearly finish. I just love this color! It's like you overpoured your cream into your coffee bigtime. Mmmmmmm....

This is such a bad outside shot, sorry!

Look at this finish and color! Yum Yum. I used 3 coats, the formula was a tad runny it hit my cuticles a few times. Nothing really bad tho!

Speaking of yum yum, we had marinated grilled chicken the other night.

I like to burn my tortilla just a little, then a couple of pieces of grilled chicken with homemade salsa on top. I scarfed these like no other lol.


  1. omg u made my mouth water hehehehe and g0rjuz nail colour

  2. I love the shade and finish of that polish! Your chicken looks so good and the homemade salsa looks like it would taste divine. Yummy!

  3. Love the nails and the shade (as always) but man that dinner looks delicious! I would scoff these too! Yum Yum!

  4. Kae! I just did a post on a similar color...you always do it so perfectly! :) and the chicken torilla looks delish!

  5. Nailz-In-Aus:
    lol sorry! Thank you :D

    Me too, it was a shocker! It was quite delicious in my belly!

    Thank you, dinner was a hit that night!

    Hi! Thanks, I liked your color too. I was so full after eating like 3 of those aaaaah.

    lol never saw the tortilla that way, how funny! Thanks :)

  6. Very pretty shade on you. Really does look like too much cream in the coffee. Dinner looks good too!

  7. I haven't had a good tortilla in such a loooong time (they're kinda hard to find in France) your pictures made my mouth water ^_^
    Lovely polish color too ;o)

  8. OMG KAE I AM DROOLING all over my keyboard! Which is kinda gross lol :p You're such a good cook! It looks so delicious. Makes me wanna come over to your house and break in and eat all your food xx

  9. I wouldn't say no for that chicken!

  10. That OPI is beeeeyoooutiful. I need it! Ha!

    I love tortillas - have you tried making a tortilla sandwich with melted cheese, chorizo and sour cream? Just put one in the frying pan, chuck the filling on top, squish another one on top and flip!

  11. grrrrr my mouth is watering for that tortilla, i couldnt even focus on the polish (which i noticed was sooo beautiful and shiny) But amazing for the tortilla and pretty for the polish

  12. Heyyy! That color from OPI looks great on you~ and OMGosh, I'm so happy I found this blog, I am a huge FOODIE myself...I have a food addiction, I swear. XD Anyways, I am hosting giveaway on my jewelry blog! Here is the link: http://purelejewelry.blogspot.com/2009/07/grand-opening-giveaway.html

  13. Lucy:
    I'm drinking a coffee with tons of milk in it right now ha. Thanks!

    You guys must have really delicious sweets there, aaaaaaah! Thanks!

    Ah let me grab a paper for you! I'm making a cilantro chicken tonight :D want some?!

    lol yay!

    Hi Helen:
    You should get it. I've never had chorizo, the spicy sausage yes? I've seen it on tv a lot and that's it. It does sound really good! Now I'm hungry again...

    Haha! Thank you :)

    You have cute jewelry :D

  14. Oh that looks delicious... both the polish and the chicken look good enough to eat. The pearly finish on the OPI is really pretty!


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