OPI Shorts Story

Yay more pinks! Are you surprised? I didn't think so. Someone planned all this out so well I will leave it as it was meant to be enjoyed. OPI Shorts Story: Hot pink. The end.

I struggled with this one, not sure if it was formula, the tiny mini brush, user error or all of the above. Lots of dragging and kind of thick. So worth it tho!

I was ready to gouge my eyes out, or at least poke one eye out with a spoon if I had to look at pale green and yellow one more day. I procrastinated for weeks and finally the thought of wearing an eye patch got me moving.


  1. Well it is a pretty color, even though your application sounds less than ideal. Those tinier brushes are hard to deal with! Please don't poke your eye out :)

  2. I love this color, worth the effort! And those tiny bottles are SO cute, but a real pain to deal with the smaller brush!

  3. omg beautiful wat can i say.

  4. I love this color. I have the big bottle and it had no issues of dragging. Could be the small brush,or just a wonky bottle. I hate that! It makes you wonder how a dud bottle of polish happens!?? What's up with that...lol!?

  5. it's a very pretty color and a good thing you didn't gouge your eye out ^^ (ouch gotta hurt ;p)

  6. Can't complain about all pinks, I love them!

  7. Well, we are all pinkie's here! I like this, very fresh, pretty and feminine. Lovely for summer! And what routine do you use or what do you eat to make your skin so gorgeous?? xx

  8. Hahaha, don't tear your hair out! It's hard to get used to the other brushes with OPI once you've used the wider brushes, so strange, but it came out beautiful, this is my kind of hot pink. And I love the new design, clean and neat!

  9. Hi Mary:
    Yeah I hate tiny brushes! Haha well I won't have to anymore since I changed my theme :D

    I have a few other OPI minis and this is the only one that gave me a problem, guess I got one of the duds or something. =x

    Thanks :)

    Yeah the downfall to the mini's I suppose. But they are sooo cute lol. Luck of the draw I suppose.

    Thank you, lol

    Yay! More pinks for sure


    Very summery yah. I have bad skin every 2 weeks (from my monthly) and it's clear the next 2 weeks, it sucks! I don't really use a treatment or anything like that. I do use a Clarisonic face brush which I like, and Purity by Philosophy as my facial cleanser. I'm starting to see wrinkles so I should be using something for anti-aging soon!

    I loooove the opi pro wide! It sure does spoil me. Thank you, been dying to change to simple for a while now!

  10. Kae! You are NOT starting to see wrinkles! :) Thanks for letting me know - I think your skin is beautiful and wrinkle free! :)

  11. Hi Kae,
    It's a lovely colour - i know what you mean about tiny brushes being Bad news though.

    I love your new theme by the way!

  12. Danielle:
    Haha, once I hit 30 I was waaay more conscious of every single thing different about me!

    Hi Helen!
    Hah, must be a nightmare to paint your nails with a mini! Thank you, my eyes are so happy.

  13. Kae you are so funny! I love this pink on you. Maybe you should try thinning the polish out.
    I love all colors and pinks are gorgeous.


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