OPI Jewel of India

I needed an outdoors picture but it was night and I had to take this off for some reason that I can't remember now. The lamplight captures the bright pink shimmer that this polish has, but it is much darker in person, like a purpley mauve. I'm terrible with descriptions so you are going to have to take my word for it that this really pretty!

I have been wearing the same polish now for 48 hours (TTYL), have not done that in months!


  1. Oh that's a really pretty pink/purple, I bet it would look really nice with gold nail art/konad on it!

  2. I like that very much! It's so rich looking and shiny. I can't believe you still have the same polish on, but that was a beautiful shade.

  3. It certainly is a jewel - what a stunning colour! I agree with Mary! So rich and shiny looking. I totally understand why you have the same polish on!

    I have an off-topic question - because your Iphone this week is next to the comment box. Have you had any problems with Cydia or the WinterBoard programs? I've just got the 3GS and want to put it on but I am unsure of any consequences! <3 Thanks Kae!

  4. Okay, now this is on my list to get from that collection. It's GORGEOUS!!!

  5. Kae, jewel colors look sooooooooo good on you. I'm fond of plum/wine/burgandy colors cuz they look so rich. I just love OPI's, don't you? If you wear a color for more than 2 days...it must be one that you really like. lol

  6. Violet!
    Hi, I'm so happy you left me a comment lol (^-^*)/
    I agree gold would look great, sadly I own 0 gold polishes...

    Rich looking is the perfect way to describe it! Yeah I really the OMG collection haha.

    Jewel indeed!

    You got a 3GS? First I have to say, I'm jealous. Do you want to jailbreak it, unlock it or do both? I know the jailbreak is easy but the unlock I cannot help you with it just got unlocked recently I think. You live in Australia, are the Iphones sold there come unlocked already? Anyway, unless you are a super tech savvy person, jailbreaking is just for fun and aesthetics imo. Well t here are a few tiny functional features that I do enjoy, like springboard controls is one. Ok rambling here, to answer your question there is no problems I have with using any programs from Cydia ( I have the 1st gen phone).

    Hah, payback for your opi you showed me. :D

    Thank you, I too love those colors as well, OPI just might be my favorite! Haha yes I love holographics :)

  7. I just love this color; I saw it at ULTA and was so close to buying it... I really should have! Looks great on you!

  8. This is really a pretty one on you Kae! I love this shade and will add this to my list of wants. My list has really been getting longer lately. Need some serious lottery money.

  9. wow that one is indeed a jewel! what a beautifully rich color, it looks absolutely stunning on you :o)

  10. I think I have this one in my massive "untried because it's pink" stash! Your pics are great though and making me want to promote it to "ones to try soon"!

  11. Valerie:
    Oooh maybe next time you will just have to snag it :D Thank you!

    Thank you! How long is your list?! I want to see it lol.

    Thank you so much :)

    It's not all pink, it's mauvey too! So yes take it out of the pink area! Chopchop!

    It is very pretty, it's up there on my fave list too!


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