OPI Japanese Rose Garden

Very pretty pink with a touch of shimmer. Plate m56 on it, I've seen the bow design many times before and I have been wanting to try it. I just couldn't figure it out til my 10th nail! I didn't like it that much on my nails since I could barely fit the bow on each nail.

I should practice before I try a new design.

Did much better on my last 5 nails, they were straight at least.

The last nail came out exactly how I wanted it, plus my thumb was big enough for the design!

Yesterday was really fun, I made my salsa, we had tons and tons of grilled food, watched fireworks, made smores (well the guys did but the girls were inside doing nails, I painted Olivia's nails with Lubu Heels and forgot to take pictures) and just hanging out. I ended up nodding off in a chair a little past midnight so that's when we went home.

My mother-in-law sewed the cutest little apron using Mary Engelbreit fabric (and pattern I think?), I wore it as soon as I started making salsa and kept it on most of the night!


  1. You and that apron are too cute! I think your bows turned out just fine, your nails are lovely. What color polish did you use to stamp with?

  2. I've seen the bow design before too and I think it's cute. I agree with Mary, the apron is cute and you look like you enjoyed wearing it. lol

  3. Hi Kae!!

    Wow you are the cutest thing ever in that little apron heheh :)
    I love that color from OPI. Do you know which collection it was from? And GOOD JOB you're getting better and better with the KONADS :D

  4. la la love it! adorable girl, lovely polish!!!

  5. Kae you did a great job with this mani !!! I love this color and I love the design ! I know what you mean, it's really hard to manage stamping images like this in the exact way on each nail, but it really does look gorgeous ! And this apron is so cuteeeeeee :-)

  6. And also I wanted to let you know that I gave you an award on my blog! :-)

  7. I love the apron, it is wicked cute.

  8. Mary: Thanks, I totally wanted to wear the apron home lol. I guess it's easy to notice the tiny errors on yourself. I used Revvvolution to stamp with!

    Denny: Thank you, and I enjoyed it indeed!

    Mercurylady: Me too! I might have to go steal this next time I'm over at the in laws...

    Hi Joyce!

    lol thanks! From what I could find on google, the polish is supposedly from The Far East Collection in spring 2000. It is still available to purchase online like http://8ty8beauty.com/nail_polishes/opi_3.htm

    Thank you hopefully I will be a master stamper soon! :D

    Kelliegonzo: Thank you :)

    Tuli: Thank you!! I love pinks so much lol. Yeah I don't know how to get patterns that has a middle centered on the nail so perfectly. More practice for me! I'm in love with the apron.

    Thank you for the award! :D:D

    Clockwork: Thanks, me too. I've never heard of Mary Engelbreit before but after seeing some of her fabric designs and some plates my mother in law showed me I really like her style! So whimsical

  9. Hi Kae, you look so pretty in that cute apron!

  10. omg thats adorable! your nails remind me of hello kitty for some reason! i can totally picture the cat rocking that headband lol
    and you look mega cute in that apron!

  11. Hi Nora! Thank you so much :)

    Nina, long time no see! Mmm must've been the pink too that made you think of HK, oh and the bow haha. Thank you :D

  12. These bows are too cute, and loving this pink! I have yet to give in and get a Konad kit; they look too addictive!

  13. My first thought was also Hello Kitty!!! So cute! Myabe you could just do the design on your thumbs, because the design is adorable and a shame not to do again plus the thumb looks really good!

  14. Nailfiles: Thanks, me too! Stamping is too much fun not to try!

    Sparklingpinkgorilla: Haha must be the pink and bow. Just the thumbs is a great idea!

  15. I didn't think anyone wore aprons anymore. They are adorable. My Mom wore them everyday of her life practically. She made them out of old dress, sheets or any material she could piece together. They were cute and also memories of old clothing. Sadly I didn't keep any. I love Mary Englebrite designs. Her cherry pattern on black is my favorite pattern. I own 2 handbags with cherry prints. Your Konadicure came out very pretty. You are a gorgeous woman!

  16. LOL! How gorgeous are you? I love your hair and apron and the rose garden mani - way too cute :)

  17. Lucy: aww that's such a sweet thing to remember about your mom. I'm sorry you didn't get to keep any aprons. I bet your handbags are super cute, wish I could see them! Thank you :D

    Danielle: Thank you very much :)


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