Old awful Koni's

I have TTYL on today, what I like about it is that this is a lovely low light color, if you know what I mean.

I take bad holographic pictures so I am going to dig up my bad stamp day pics! No matter how awful a mani looks I try to take a photo, just in case.

Orly Hot Stuff. I love this color! I didn't get to wear this for long since I fouled it up immediately after.

OPI Nice Color, Eh? When I first saw the bottle in person I mentally put it at the bottom of my wear list, but when I put it on I was so surprised how shimmery and pretty it was! I tried some blue flowers and ew.

OPI Hawaiian Orchid is a very pretty sheer cool pink. This is 3 coats and the NL stuck out like a sore thumb so I tried to cover it with the checkerboard tips and it just looked weird. Probably more of a wrong color choice than anything. Tip color was Orly Sterling Silver Rose.


  1. I am just a konad beginner so really your "awful konis" don't look so awful to me ^_^
    Hot Stuff is a stunning color!

  2. omg ur konad's are amazingggggggggg they dont look awful at all.g0rjuz as usual

  3. THAT'S what you call awful??? come visit my last post to see horror-stamping LOL


  4. I really like the checkered funky french! I've thouht of making a french like that but I haven't found a tecnique that works for me. :P

  5. Chocaddict:
    lol thanks! I agree, I want to wear it again soon.

    Hot stuff indeed.

    You're so sweet, thanks.

    You have different looking bottles of Wet n Wild! I thought your koni was cute! :)

    Yeah that would be difficult to do by hand, that small =x

  6. Your "awful" Konads ar so much better than anything I could produce!

  7. Well you have it more rough with the multiple stamping required per nail!


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