Java Mauve-a

This shade looks like chocolate milk on me! In sunlight it is a little darker, more red? I think this might be the first polish where I can say I want to drink it, as opposed to the usual I wanna eat it.

Chocolate milk.

I was wearing a red polish the day before and I did a bad job of cleaning up, didn't notice the red tinge on my fingers til Seche was going on the sunlight really brings it out ugh! Good thing I went outside to take pics this is more accurate color-wise. My neighbor probably thinks I'm a weirdo, snapping pics of my hands in my jammy pants outside.

I have been taking daily pictures since Saturday I haven't posted any yet, maybe that's a good thing I now have a backup plan on a day where I'm empty-handed! Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Hi Kae <3

    I love that colour on you! Maybe it'll look good on all Asian hands. I've been dying to find something yummy like that but the closest thing I have is probably Tickle My Francey from OPI lol.

  2. Oh wawwww !! This color is amazing, I wnat to drink it too :p

    I want it !! is it HTF ?

  3. Joyce: Thank you, I was reaching for Country Club Khaki by Orly when this bottle stopped me lol!

    Céline: I love it! When I was looking to see how hard it would be for you to find, I noticed that swatches and bottle colors looked way more pink, or mauve as the bottle name indicates check it out:

    This bottle is old it may have discolored a bit, I'm not sure!

  4. oooh i seriously love this polish!

  5. Great color! It does look yummy! I know what you mean about the jammy pants! I'm sure my neighbors think the same thing,lol!

  6. That's a lovely shade on you! It reminds me of a chocolate malt, yummy! My neighbors surely think I'm psychotic, but let them think what they want...we need to get just the right picture of of nails!

  7. Kelliegonzo: I love it too, as Rachael Ray would say, Yum-o.

    Olivia C. Thanks I really like it too, I'm afraid another bottle of this might not be the same color this one is more brown then supposed to be I think. The bottom of my bottle is all discolored!

    Velvet: lol at least I'm not the only one who goes outside in pajamas!

    Mary: Thank you, hmm what does malt taste like? I don't think I ever try. Haha yes, we must get that good shot!

  8. Brown is a color you don't see but you've picked the right shade. Good look!

  9. Chocolate malted milk, oh yeah it's delicious. That's what your nails look like. Looks very pretty on you Kae. You have lovely nails and hands.

  10. He looks like Country club khaki/ Orly :)

    nice color !

  11. Denny: Thank you :)

    Lucy: Thank you, I've never had malt tho!

    Figoline: I have that shade as well I was gonna try that on next week :D


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