Edamame and a little OPI

Joyce from Marble Nails got this thing rolling when she asked me if I have ever been to Strapya World, which I have and love all the little cute things. Then I instantly remembered this video. I don't know what to tell you except you need to watch it with the sound on.

Silent Mauvie by OPI, I'm in love (again!). Silvery shimmer, opaque in 2 coats, pink, what more could I ask for? Oh and a little of your favorite flower for Joyce! I just noticed my middle finger looks funky, I had to patch it because my ridge that goes down the whole length of the nail split at the tip. I need to buff it more aaaah!


  1. LOL Do I even want to know what they're saying in that video...

    That's a pretty mauve on you, can't tell anything wrong with your nail!

  2. I love that shimmery silver. The mauve shade is already very pretty, but that adds a little something. Beautiful flowers!


    I saw that video too! It's crazy over at that website! You know last night after I told you about it I went to see what new things they had and OMG OMG OMG they have a SUPER CUTE Shinkansen Sushi Train gizmo GOSH IT'S AMAZING I really want one! hahah I'm such a sucker for those things :)
    PS THANK YOU for posting that hydrangea. It's beautiful :D xx

  4. Kae, I don't what they said but it was cute!

  5. Olivia, at least the tune is catchy! Thanks I guess I just notice everything wrong with my stuff.

    Mary, me too! I like my cremes too but a pretty shimmer will win it for me. Thanks I don't really take care of my flowers (there are tons growing here) I'm not sure how to =x

    Joyce, lol I went back and browsed again they have a squishy cute 'peach butt' that wears underwear...

    The hydrangea bush is almost done with its flowers I caught it just in time!

    Nora, man that tune was stuck in my head for a while!

  6. I love this color ! I have to tell you that you're showing me colors here that I've never thought of, and they are all so pretty ! So thank you :-)

  7. Your nails look lovely in this shade. I've added it to my "wants" list. Cute video but the only word I knew was fever!

  8. I am in love with this colour! It's so lovely on you! I love a mauve because I think it makes hands look so soft and feminine! Another to add to my lemming list. I had to follow too Kae, hope you don't mind! :)

  9. Tuli: Glad you're seeing some new colors!

    Lucy: Thank you :D

    Danielle: I love it too! I agree a pretty mauve would be flattering on anyone :)


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