Country Club Khaki

I like this color very much, it's not flashy at all but it still gets noticed.

Plate m25.

Morning sunlight! I'm still wearing the same patch from last week, it has lasted me at least 7 polish changes and I use acetone remover. The edge of the patch near my cuticle is wearing thin but other than that it's pretty sturdy, I'm impressed.


  1. i love this konad look! i've been wanting this polish for a while now and this design looks GREAT on it, niiiiice!

  2. I picked this polish up a few weeks back and I'm glad I did! It looks gorgeous on you and I love the Konad design and color with your nase color. Perfect :)

  3. g0rjuzzzzzz colour
    i love orly

  4. I'm totally in love with this shade, one of my fav !

  5. This color looks gorgeous on you! I'm so into taupe/mushroom shades at the moment, I will have to have both this AND Prince Charming. I think I spied an OPI one as well I might need to get! Thanks for swatching.

  6. Kelliegonzo: Thank you, I like these kinds of abstract designs as well.

    Mary: I figured you got this too after seeing you had Prince Charming! Can't wait to see it on you. Yah I dont have many designs that isn't a floral so this is it.

    Nailz-In-Aus: Thank you.

    Céline! I knew it, this color screams your name!

    Nicole: Thank you. Mmm mushrooms.. made me think of creamy mushroom soup. I too need PC!

  7. Polish doesn't always have to or need to be flashy to get attention. This is a nice subtle color.

  8. Hi Kae :)

    MMM this colour looks so creamy and nice! Is this the same one Wan posted before? The colour looks a bit diffrent no? Anyways.. MORE KONAD PLEASE :D

  9. Denny, I agree! I like subtle :)

    Joyce: This IS the same color Wan posted, her picture looks 50x better than mine! My indoor shot is washed out because of the lamp light, but my outdoor shot should be just a tad darker to be accurate. My index finger in that picture is more true to color. I don't think it's as dark as my thumb.. but I'm not sure I am bad with colors aaaaaah. I guess that morning sun really hit hard today!

  10. I love this color on you. The Konadicure is really pretty on you. I bought the whole Prepester collection.

  11. Oh Kaye! I am in love with your nails again today! This colour screams class and elegance on your gorgeous nails. Love it! The Konad stamping is fantastic. A really lovely post. Thank you xx

  12. Hey hun just wanted to say thank u for my birthday wishes... mWah =D

  13. I love the cafe latte colour! So Cute on you!! The nail art you did is very gorgeous too(^0^)/ Thank you for showing!!


  14. oh I love this color, it's somewhat like a "you don't know jacques" for a sunny weather ^_^
    and you did a great job with the konad design; it's really lovely ;o)

  15. That is such a lovely, classy and at the same time subtle mani. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Lucy: Thank you! Oooh lucky you those shades look awesome. :D

    Danielle: Thank you, you're such a cutie♥. I'm still new at stamping tho, someday I will do it all straight!

    Nailz-In-Aus: Hope you had a good time!

    Hi Mitsue!

    Waaaaaaaa ureshii! ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ
    I'm glad you like the color! Thank you for your nice compliment, you are such a sweetie.

    (^ _ ^)/~~ Kae

    Chocaddict: I agree! I wonder how close Prince Charming and YDKJ is?
    Thank you :)

    Avroys: Thank you so much! ☺

  17. Love that color!


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