China Glaze He's Going in Circles

Good morning! I am almost done with my fourth of July mani but in the meantime here is what I wore yesterday, He's Going in Circles by China Glaze. How do you take your holo shots? I can't seem to get mine to show it's full rainbowness glory. I did try some outside shots, better but not great.



I'll be posting my Fourth of July mani later today too! :D


  1. wow.... love the color.. i want that!!! :)

  2. Super sparkly and pretty. No wonder I bought this color. :-)

  3. Tinedangganda: It's so sparkly I love it too!

    Denny: I agree! :D

  4. Very pretty colour on you! I love all the China Glaze Kaleidoscopes, they're all so sparkly! :D
    I have problems taking pictures of holographics too. For some reason, my camera can never focus on them properly.

  5. realy nice color with beautiful nails !

  6. i want this!
    its making your nails shine like blue diamonds!
    so pretty :) and im not even a big fan of holos lol
    looks great! :D

  7. Wan: Thanks, I agree that whole collection is just to die for.

    Figoline: Thank you :)

    Nina: lol thanks!

  8. That is such a gorgeous holo. Looks very pretty on you. I think you did a great job in photographing it.


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