China Glaze Grape Juice

This is a few days old. I finally took my patch off my middle finger, it doesn't fan out anymore and look wider near the tip! That thing lasted 8 or 9 polish changes and I use acetone remover. It was a success since I was able to file away the split and the patch kept it tiny and stopped it from growing any larger.

I just love the shimmer that this collection has, Grape Juice is packing a ton of silver.

3 coats.


  1. That collection never really did it for me, but this polish looks so nice now!

    Glad that patch worked out for you :)

  2. This was my favorite from that collection. It looks gorgeous on you! =]

  3. Beautiful! That a great shade of purple and the shimmer is just perfect.

  4. I really loved this collection! I'm so glad I snatched that color up before it was gone. Looks great on you!

  5. Shayla:
    Aww, sorry you didn't like the collection :( Yeah those wraps are a must have for repairs!

    Stephanie Zheng:
    Mine too! Well maybe tied with Watermelon Rind lol, thanks.

    I couldn't have said it any better!

    Yay! Thank you (^.^*)

  6. I love all purples so of course I think this one is great ^_^
    Your nails look really good, I wouldn't have guessed you had had a split.

  7. I love this color on your nail!! it's pretty!

  8. wow kae...i love your taste in polish colors! do you coordinate what you're wearing with the color of your nails...or vice versa? :)

  9. I love this purple on your nails. I wondered whether to add this polish to my latest haul and didn't. I am real sorry now :( It reminds me of the grape scratch and sniff stickers. I would beg steal and borrow for those :) xx

  10. Chocaddict:
    Me too! Yeah I have a really bad ridge on my middle finger it goes all the way to the tip and if I grow it out it splits eventually.

    Juicy Nails:

    Thanks, I never coordinate! I do come up with a nail design for certain occasions tho :D

    Maybe next time! Man I used to love scratch and sniff stickers! I hated getting the "boot" one, it smelled so weird!

  11. Thanx for posting the lovely pics. I recently got my hands on a bottle of Grape Juice and your post has inspired me to do a Grape Juice mani tomorrow!

  12. Ohh I miss Scratch & Sniff stickers! Grape Juice is an odd one - I love it on others but not so much on me. Am thinking of putting it up for swap.

  13. I love the way Grape Juice looks on you!


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