Nail biting and such (long post!)

One year ago this week, I was a nail biter. Not just a nibble here and a nibble there, but I was the worst kind of biter there is. If you don't want to read a long story skip down to the pics!

For as long as I could remember, I bit my nails. I probably couldn't go an hour without my fingers going into my mouth. I would bite them to itty bitty stubs until they would bleed. I used to have to band-aid them because it was so painful.

When I got to high school I managed to stop biting one nail, my left pinky because I played the bassoon in band and you could see my left hand it was so embarrassing. Even back then Alex (yep I married my high school sweetheart) would try to police my biting but he couldn't watch me 24/7 so I would just wait til he was gone and kept on biting. All of this is odd because I really loved nail polish in my teenage years and bought a lot of it but rarely wore them because of my habit.

When I hit my mid 20's I managed to mostly stop biting all the nails on my left hand, but if I had a really bad day or whatever I caved and any growth on them would be gone in minutes.

Finally when I was almost 30, I started just clipping and filing my nails almost everyday so I never had any free edge showing for me to bite. This method worked most of the time. I've always dreamed of having long natural nails so it was painful to see my stubby cut ones. If I tried growing them out I would bite them, but if I cut them, they would never grow long. A double-edged sword so to speak.

Then last year this week, I was sick and tired of my terrible life long habit so in order to have a nice manicure for my birthday in June I painted them and told myself I would keep them painted without biting. Miraculously I somehow did it! My nails were pretty short for my birthday last year but they were smooth and nicely painted. Ever since that day I've had nail polish on my nails each and every single day. Today I can't imagine ever biting a nail again. Wow if you read all of this, thank you lol.

So as painful as it is, here are some pictures of my nails last year around April and May. I had no idea I would have my long nails today so never thought to take before pictures so I had to take them out of odd pictures. This is very embarrassing to show!

I wasn't wearing makeup in them so I had to take my face out =x.

This one is actually from 1 photo but again I had to take my makeup-less face out lol. April 2008.

Early 2007, I was wearing a t-shirt that said Chillin with ma peeps. lol don't ask (Allie you remember this don't you?).

Today. Woohoo! I had to coax Alex into taking this for me, what a cutie. This is 2 coats of China Glaze Warm Sable. I wanted to do a crazy mani for this occasion but I decided to wear the nail polish that started it all (wore this day 1 last year). Thanks for reading my insanely long post.


  1. yay! i'm glad you did it! :D
    my boyfriend bites his nails until they bleed but i cant put nail polish on him so i'm kinda stuck with his fingers like that lol

  2. I didn't even realize you bit your nails before! For some reason I thought you always had long nails...hurrr I'm so observant ._. My bro-in-law Jack bites his nails down to the stub as well.

    Anyways, your nails look really nice now! I can't really grow mine longer than 1/4" or so because they feel so wonky in gardening gloves if they're long :/

    Eric's getting Rosetta Stone Japanese for me right now...going to try to teach myself, if I can >_>

  3. Your nails look really pretty now!! I wish my nails could look like that, but alas they are more like your stubby ones. I've never been able to grow my nails out since I played either violin or piano, but now when I try to grow them out, they just break because of the type of work I do.

  4. That is so great that you were able to get a bad habbit under control and stopped. Way to go! I think anyone that can change bad habbits about themselves deserves a round of applause. good job for you :)

  5. Wow - good on you for breaking the habit - I'd never have known you were a biter as your nails look so good. Although you did mention nibbling on Brooke's nails the other day ;)

    Congratulations - isn't it much nicer to have long gorgeous nails?

  6. Hi Nina, thank you! Haha you should sneak up on your boyfriend and paint that stuff that tastes bad in your mouth when he's napping or something.

    Olivia: Yeah always bitin, uugh. I like your nails short! Did you get Rosetta Stone working? I got a dvd and it didn't have japanese on it. I wanted to try to see if it had more advanced words to learn, can you let me know?!

    Deez Nailz: Thank you!

    Grace: Thank you. I like your nails :)

    Brooke: Thanks, never in my wildest dreams I thought this day would come, I am so happy!

    Helen: lol oh yeah, well in my defense that green DID look pretty yummy...

    Thank you Helen, I do love my nails now! :)

  7. Not yet, it was chuggin' along last night, but then we went to bed...I'll check it out tonight and let you know! I virtually know ZERO Japanese so this is going to be really challenging >_<

  8. Thanks for sharing your story Kae. I used to bite my nails when I was about 9 years old. I went to a friends house to play and her grandfather was there. He looked ancient to me but he came over and asked me why I was biting my nails. I was very shy then so I doubt I said anything. He said to look at his nails and they were bad. Hardly any nails, his nail beds were showing and they had bled before. They were really gross. He said "you don't want nails like me do you?" I stopped that day. I always remembered his nails. My nails used to grown long but not anymore. I keep having peeling problems. Your nails are gorgeous. That was a hard habit to break. you should be very proud of yourself.

  9. Hi Lucy, wow that must have been quite a shock for you at such a young age! At least something good came out of it :)

    I am so very happy I finally conquered my habit, thank you so much!


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