Mac Mercenary

I went to the mall for Victoria's Secret, I heard the makeup was all on sale and I had 10 bucks left on a gift certificate so I figured why not. I just had to go by Macys and check out the Mac counter aaaah! I love purples so I thought it would be a no brainer I would get Violet Fire but after swatching Mercenary I had to get it. Violet Fire was ridiculously sheer as well. The little container on the left is a sample of Impassioned solar bits, it's weird and really chunky!

The VS nail polishes were $7 each, or 2 for $12, or 3 for $15. I've never used their polishes before so I only got 2.

Mercenary is a frosty gold and bronze, very opaque. Formula was thick but easy to apply. 2 coats.

This one is with flash, I just wanted to show the pretty shimmer but color-wise the first pic is more accurate.



    So pretty! I love this polish!

  2. I swatched this color on myself while at the mall a couple of weekends ago and this color is oh so hot. It look fantastic on you! FYI...VS polishes are nice as well.

  3. Eeee, I have to stay away from the MAC counter, or I'll come home with all kinds of things :x Nice haul though!

  4. Hi Brooke! Thank you :D

    Denny, thank you. I can't wait to try the VS polish maybe later tonight!

    Olivia! Did you go see Style Warrior? I thought most of their colors weren't very wearable for me which I guess is a good thing? For my wallet, har har.

  5. That's beautiful! I love my MAC polishes and I need more :) That shade of bronze looks so rich.

  6. I passes up Mercenary. Wish I had'nt. I hope it's still available. It really is something special. I couldn't believe how sheer Violet Fire is. I thought for sure it would be a deep creme.

  7. Olivia C. - thank you :D

    Mary, yes we must get more mac polishes!

    Lucy, you can still get it! And yeah too bad for Violet Fire, I guess it's okay if you dont' mind doing a lot of coats and really like the color.

  8. I didn't go and see it, none of the online swatches I saw really did it enough for me to go down there. But I do need a new Blacktrack fluidline...mine is getting all dried out x_x Oh wellz ~~~


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