Little Black Dress

It's our 10th wedding anniversary today! Alex and I decided not to go anywhere so I'm making dinner tonight. For my nails I thought it would be cute to paint that little black dress every girl is supposed to have in their closet.

Each nail has on a different necklace! My thumb has a diamond necklace, index ruby, middle is pearl, ring finger has purple stones, and my pinky which is hard to see they are tiny red heart-shaped stones. Who says you can't get dressed up even if you're staying home!

I also got these nail art pens (finally!) and they had them at the dollar store, so many colors I didn't get them all. Might have to go back for the rest later, but man I think my jaw dropped when I saw this there lol. I got a black one too but it didn't make it in the picture.

Have a great day, I know I will! :)


  1. That is just the cutest, most clever mani! I love it. Happy Anniversary!

    Nice find with the art pens! I never find good nail stuff at the dollar store! boo. :c(
    But i keep trying!

  2. Awww, Happy Aniversary! Such a cute and original idea for your nails, I love that each 'dress' has a different necklace! Enjoy your evening!

  3. so cute!! I love your nails!

  4. ooohhh eeemmmm ggeeeee!!!

    I am LOVING this mani so much!!! You are killing me over here with this one! This is so damn creative, cute, flashy - everything.

    I HAVE to do this mani - of course mine will probably be like Hot Pink dresses or something. I'm seriously in love with this!

  5. You are so creative. This is such a clever design, I don't think I have seen this anywhere........ Wow!

  6. Very cute! Have a great anniversary!

  7. Oh My God, it's so pretty, never seen a mani like this, love it !! Happy Anniversary ^^

  8. Happy Anniversary! I was going to say that is amazing - totally creative and gorgeous.

  9. So cute, and happy 1oth! Whatcha making for dinner?

  10. Kae and hubby, Happy Anniversary. Will there be pictures of the happy couple and anniversary dinner? That is seriously one of the most creative and unique manicures. I hope you get one of those necklaces for real. Your little black dress should make the cover of Vogue. Nice find with the Art Pens. I know you'll put them to good use.

  11. first off HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!
    cheers to many, many, many more together :)

    secondly, love the mani! kudos for such a cute design! makes me want to try it but i lack the nail length (had to cut them from the wear and tare damage through our move), perhaps when they grow a bit longer :) cute sundresses would be adorable!

    hope your dinner turns out absolutly fantastic :)!

    (which dollar store sold art pens? :o i dont think ive ever seen anything worth grabbing for nail art at the ones in my neck of the woods... i'll have to get my mom or sister to check for me when they head into the city next week!)

  12. Lacquer Laine: Thank you! Dollar Stores are very odd at times we have 4 and some have lots of stuff while the other has none. Hopefully you'll score big soon!

    Mary: Thank you! I originally wanted to do all pearl necklaces but I didn't have enough, I think it turned out better this way.

    Grace: Thank you :)

    kelliegonzo: Thank you :)

    Brooke: Thanks so much, I'm glad you liked it. I drew several dress styles on paper before I chose this one, a close second was a strapless that resembles what Jessica Rabbit wore. Can't wait to see yours!

    Deez Nailz: Thank you! This came to me last night while I was staring at my bronze nails wondering how to make it special for today, aaah.

    Nessa: Thank you! :D

    Celine: Thank you very much!

    Helen: Thank you <3

    Olivia: Thank you, I'm making burgers! Sounds boring right? I dunno we just love homemade burgers lol

    Lucy: No pictures, I don't even have my face on lol. Thank you for all your nice compliments, and I was so happy to find those art pens aaah!

    elashaw: 1)Thank you! Yeah 10 years went by fast.

    2) I think you can still draw a dress even if you have shorter nails, maybe less of the 'dress' part, below the waist. We're having burgers so even I can't mess it up haha.

    3) I found the pens at a Dollar Tree. We have 3 of those where I live and one .99 store. I love the Dollar Trees they have a lot of cosmestics and the .99 is more food and stuff. I have seen some e.l.f stuff there tho, good luck on your hunt!

  13. Haha not boring! I ♥ burgers too, a little too much XD; Anyways hope you guys have a nice day today :)

  14. Awwww that is so original and VERY clever young lady! Love it! Happy Anniversary and many more....

  15. Happy Anniversary, very cute necklaces ^^

  16. Olivia: after eating burgers we could barely move around haha

    Denny: Thank you very much!

    clockwork: Thank you :)

  17. You've started to come up with some really cool designs on your nails! This dress was totally awesome!


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