Old manicures

This week is a shimmery brown with painted flowers!


  1. Was that the 'Mint Green" Cover Girl Nail Slicks form a long long time ago.... I wanted that sooooo bad but I was poor back then, and I am always hoping to find it at the dollar store....

    One Day I will!

    Pretty nails and a very cool blog

  2. Love all the nails. I've enjoyed reading your whole blog. Nice to get to know you. Is Alex your husband?

  3. omg totoro!!!!!!! you should do a tutorial, i could make the dust bunnies (4got what they were called) but not him

  4. Pam, I forgot what they're called too, been years since I watched the movie but they are cute! I have never made a tutorial before sounds daunting maybe I'll give it a shot :D


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