Loot Crate August 2013

I think I may have talked about Loot Crate before but this is my first unboxing post.  I have been taking pictures of items each month but keep forgetting to make a post.  So this month I am doing it right away. Anyway Loot Crate is a gamer monthly subscription box, this one is one of my favorites.  Like all of my monthly boxes, this one has been getting better and better as time goes by.  I think I have gotten 4 t-shirts from it too!

So onto the items for August:

Portal themed stickers.

Lots of Portal stuff.  I love Portal so I was pretty squealy as I removed each item.  Window sticker and one of those bracelets.

Portal lanyard.  I actually have a black t-shirt that says this lol.

A super duper tiny bag of Jelly Bellies.  I ate it already, think it had 7 jelly beans.  I love jelly beans!  This months box had a t-shirt and it came with a coupon for $5 off a shirt at woot!  I already bought a shirt lol, its a black Fallout one with a Pip Boy screen on it.  Speaking of Fallout, I got the ultimate New Vegas edition for dirt cheap at the Steam Summer sale and keep meaning to play it.

Walking Dead figurine.

Mine had this dapper zombie sporting a tie and everything.

A cute brown t shirt!  -500 sleep, yes I know that feeling.

Loot Crate is $13.37 a month but they charge you $6 shipping.  If you pick a 3 or 6 month plan you can save a little from the monthly cost but still pay 6 in shipping.  If you want to sign up, please consider using my referral link HERE.

Purchased with my money, includes a referral link.

Skoshbox August 2013 Review

Skoshbox is a montly subscription box that brings you Japanese snacks, stationary and knickknacks.  I only got food in this month box and am looking forward to some stationary items in the future.

From Hawaii!

Neatly packaged with some chopsticks!

I was surprised what all fit into the box, when I first saw it I thought it was really thin.

Stick shaped wafers with matcha cream inside, yum!  You should know by now I will eat anything with matcha in it lol.

 These are savory and has a peanut in each one.

Cheesy crackers.  These had a very buttery taste.

Puffy savory corn snack.  This was cheesy and reminded me a cheese puff.  Oh remember those cheese balls by Planters in that cylinder container?  How I miss those!  Well anyway yeah tastes like a cheese puff!  I like to buy these puffy sticks on asianfoodgrocer.com and I get the umeboshi flavor. SO GOOD!

Caramel, a jelly cube and a strawberry gummy candy.

Bar of milk chocolate with a biscuit on top.  My bar melted but I still ate it lol.  Will I continue to subscribe? Yes!  I definitely enjoyed my first box, can't wait for the next.

Skoshbox is $12/month and you can sign up at their website HERE.

Purchased with my own money and no referral links.

Lucido - L Bubble Hair Color Natural Brown Review

I bought this from Ebay HERE.  It was $13.59.  I went back and forth between this color and the Ash Champagne one for a while and finally settled on Natural Brown.

You mix the small bottle with the squeeze tube, put the cap on and shake!  Included is a small packet of deep conditioning stuff that you use after rinsing the dye out of your hair.

I applied to my bottom half starting at the roots first.  I have to wear contacts so that my glasses do not get in the way.  I also recommend removing your earrings, which I forgot to do this time.

Scary during shot!  Also right after this photo I have a plastic shower cap that I use just for hair dyes and I cover all my hair with it.  The heat from your head helps develop the color.  Other things you can use is saran wrap, and a plastic shopping bag.

Before.  I have 2 day old hair here so please excuse the greasy roots.

Before in the back.  I had not colored my hair in 8 months, so I had an ombre effect going on. My ends were much lighter than my roots.

Roots before.

Roots after.

Before. I didn't realize all my before shots cut the top of my head off, oops!

After.  I was very happy with the results except for 1 thing.  This does not cover gray hairs!  I have some grays in my bangs that stood out easily, but I suppose they are less noticeable with lighter hair.  But still.  I wanted them gone.  Oh well, live and learn.  I would repurchase this if it covered grays.  I don't think my hair turned out like the box but it is a very nice neutral brown without brassiness.

This is my first time using a Japanese brand hair dye and it worked really well.  There was no brassy tones and I got my color with less process time.  Before I always tried western brands like Loreal and Revlon box drugstore ones, Clairol and Ion from Sally Beauty Supply.  Every single one of these left me with brassy hair, and I just accepted the fact that I had to buy a color additive to get rid of the orange/red tones.

I only needed 30 mins process time, as opposed to 45-60 mins.  This did not damage my hair and leave it feeling like straw.  I have very thick hair so this was a huge plus for me.

Overall I really liked this dye.  The best I have used so far.  I will have to try the other Japanese brands next time!  I would highly recommend if you have thick dark hair like me.

Purchased with my own money.

Influenster Sunkissed VoxBox

I joined Influenster a while back and they sent me a summer box called Sunkissed VoxBox.  If you want to check it out or sign up head over to their website HERE.

These are called Sinful Shine and is a limited edition collection exclusive to Walgreens.  They are $2.99 each.

Spitfire 3 coats with topcoat.  A purpley pink.  The formula is nice and smooth, was easy to apply.  The color is a bit light in this photo, it is more accurate in the bottle shot above.  It is too cool toned for me and made my skin look reddish.

I was confused by the name Gel Tech.  Anyone that knows a thing or two about nail polish will instantly think, gel nail polish?  I wanted to know more, but after browsing Sinful Colors website for a while there was no information about Gel Tech, except that it's a formula description that is super shiny.  In fact I will quote the website: "5x more glossy than a patent leather shoe".  

I was only able to wear this polish for 24 hours so I cannot comment on the wear.  During my 1 day it looked great without any chips.  For the $2.99 price tag, this is a decent polish.

I do not own a pair of heels, but I do use a Dr. Scholls insoles for tired feet: http://www.drscholls.com/Products/ForHer16HourInsoles
I put them in my shoes and it changed my life!  I could walk longer without any sore feet and it just felt so good.  I also think it helped me not get a backache from standing too long.  So anyway, I'm not raving about these high heel insoles, but I would highly recommend the ones that I linked above for other shoes like sneakers or casual shoes.  I will try to revisit these high heel insoles if I ever get a pair of heels.

Oil of Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream.  I made a video of my applying this bb cream only to find out afterwards that I was zoomed in too far!  Oh well, hopefully the pictures will be enough.

My first impression when I applied this to the back of my hand was that it was smelly.  It has a perfumey fragrance, almost floral.  It is not an unpleasant scent, but it was too strong for me.  I could still smell it an hour after applying.

The texture of this bb cream was very thin.  I could tell the coverage was going to be sheer. This is my second western bb cream I have tried.  My first being Urban Decays BB cream.  How disappointed I was with UD bb cream is a whole other story.

I own several Asian BB creams, including ones by Missha, Skin79 and Dr. Jarts.    They all provide decent coverage and SPF.  The Oil of Olay one by comparison feels more like a tinted moisturizer.

The shade I was sent was Light to Medium, which I think was suited my NC20 skintone.  In my no makeup photo I am only wearing moisturizer and I am a bit shiny.  Even though the coverage was too sheer for me, it did cover up minor redness but not my dark eyes. This has a very dewy finish, personally I would apply a finishing powder but for the review I only applied the bb cream.

After applying to my face, I started to feel a burning sensation to my eyes.  I wear glasses and some products do burn extra for me because my glasses cause them to stay concentrated and fume up near my eyes if that makes any sense.    This continued to burn my eyes, even into my 2 hour mark.  At this point I had to go to the bathroom and remove my make up.  I had tears streaming down my cheeks.  After washing my face I had to flush my eyes with water.

This burning was probably an allergic reaction, I'm not sure.  I haven't heard of anyone else experiencing the burning sensation of the eyes so most likely you won't have to worry.

  • Easy to apply
  • Can be purchased at any drugstore in the US
  • SPF 15

  • Scent is fairly strong
  • Very sheer coverage. If you have any major imperfections or dark circles to cover up you will need to use concealer
  • Left my face feeling oily
The bottom line:  too strong-scented and hardly provides any coverage.  I will stick to my favorite BB creams by Skin79 and Missha.

The final product in my VoxBox were these elastics by Goody.  These type of ties are very popular nowadays and I had purchased some by Emi Jay last year.  In this picture you can see a side by side comparison.  My Emi Jays are slightly bigger and are much more elastic.

The Goodys have very little elastic give unfortunately for my thick Asian hair.  I like to use them to tie a ponytail but I could only loop my hair twice, and I could not get a third one in.  What this means for me is that the Goody elastic will not hold a sturdy ponytail for me.

Here I am wearing a ponytail with 2 loops.  If I shook my head it would come loose.  Major bummer for me because I must wear all of my hair up for work.  I tried tying up a bun, but the same thing happened, it was too loose to hold it tight.  Without much elastic give, these ties do not work for my hair.  If you have medium to thin hair, these may work for you.


  • Very affordable around $3.00 USD
  • Can wear on wrist for a cute look
  • Not much elasticity 
  • May not work on thicker hair

So that's it for my VoxBox review.  It was a bummer half the items did not work for me but I do hope it helps you.

Sent to me by Infuenster to review.