Goodies From Pasadena Mall

On Sunday we had 3 hours to kill so we went to a mall down the street from our hotel.

These were $1.99, they are my new favorite earrings!  I wear them almost everyday.

 A bunch of random cute accessories from Icing.  Our local Icing is very tiny and we had now idea they sell purses and stuff!

 I love the honey body butter!

 My last Lemony Flutter went rancid so had to replace that and the scrub is really nice.  When I went into the Lush store I got the new Valentines stuff demo'd on me it felt so nice!

I really wanted to try the Dolly Wink tube mascara but they only had brown.  Such sadness!  I settled for Fiberwig.  I do like the tiny applicator tube, it makes applying my lower lashes very nice.

Some cell phone pics of just stuff.

At the swarvoski store I thought the guy with the bomb head was so cute.

I always wanted to try this lol.

 This was actually a Christmas gift.  Thanks Allie!

You know me and my stationary.

Got the wallet and checked out at the Sanrio store.  During checkout I noticed there was a matching tote really up high on a shelf.  I asked how much it was and was told $64.  We left and I just kept thinking about that tote.  I said it's fine I'll buy it online!  So I checked online with my phone and the website had it for $80! Plus shipping.  So after we finished looking at the other stores I went back and got it.  It was the last one! Oh and we had a $5 off card from our first purchase lol so anyway saved $20.

The end!

Hungry Asian Monthly Giveaway for February

I'm on top of things for this month!  I saw these when I was out shopping and thought they would make a perfect prize gift so I got them.

One winner, both polishes pictured above, brand new.  Anyone can enter and giveaway ends 2/28.

Good luck!

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Influenster Violet VoxBox Review

Here are all the products in my latest box from Influenster.

Sally Hansen Tripe Shine nail color in Red Snapper.  2 coats.  This is a bit of a sheer warm-toned red. Definitely can see nail line at 2 coats, but it wasn't TOO noticeable.

Very nice formula, horrible brush.  At first glance I thought the brush looked nice because I personally like flat brushes. Then when I applied my first coat I realized the brush is very stiff and very thick.  Luckily the formula was nice and smooth so it made up for it.

SoyJoy in Cranberry flavor.  I didn't take a photo with the wrapper on but you can see it in the first big photo.  The bar is a bit dry, but chewy at the same time.  

To me it almost had a creamy flavor and it is not too sweet. You can really taste the tangy dried cranberries. The texture of the bar itself is very smooth and doesn't leave bits in your mouth, well except for the cranberries but I guess I mean more like no bits of oats and stuff. I liked this!

This is a headband and it does not stay on my head, much less hold my hair back. The elastic isn't very strong at all. I bought a $4 super absorbent and elastic headband from Amazon for my Insanity workouts and that is way better than this.

If you wanted to wear a head band just for an accessory this would probably work. I personally think the design and fabric texture is a bit bleh for that tho.

This kept rolling so I used my polish to keep it there.  Love their curl cream so I was excited to give this a go!

 This is end of 2nd day hair.  I don't get too greasy, but greasy enough to need dry shampoo sometimes.

Don't mind my auto white balance messing up my hair color. This photo shows best how it absorbed the oil in my roots. You just spray your roots and brush or massage it in with your fingers.

It sprays white at first but disappears once you work it in. The smell just okay to me, but it is not unpleasant.

Verdict? Love it! This is easy to get at US drugstores, affordable and it works. I like that it sprays as well. This dry shampoo doesn't beat my HG from Lush, but it is pretty close. One more reason to like Not Your Mother's products.

Dead sea mud mask by Montagne Jeunesse.

So the instructions say to apply to a clean face and leave it on for 10-15 mins.  Then lightly rinse your face with water and pat dry.

 Freshly washed face.

Scary mask face!  The mask is soaked with the mud already.  It is very cooling on my face.

I left it on about 15 minutes.  The mud can be messy, as you can see it got into my hairline as I was placing it on my face.  It dries hard so make sure you rub it off right away if it gets into your hair.

The fragrance was very strong for me.  At first I thought it was pleasant, but as time went on I started to realize it smelled like a man's fragrance.  Kind of musky.  After rinsing the mask off I can still smell it hours later.

As far as the mask itself, I think it was very refreshing and my skin felt nice afterwards.  I don't think I would try it again because of the scent and the way it lingered afterwards.

All the products shown were sent to me by Influenster for review.

January 2014 My Cotton Bunny Unboxing Video

Got my box just the other day so thought I would do another quick unboxing video!

January Giveaway

Hi everyone!  As promised here is my monthly giveaway.  I am really late for this month I hope you can forgive me!

The prize is both the Valentine's Day glitter top coats, open to everyone.

Good luck if you enter, love ya guys!

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