Hello Kitty by OPI Swatches and Review Part 1

Released in January, the much anticipated Hello Kitty by OPI collection has arrived!  I have to break this up into 2 posts so stay tuned for the other half.  I am missing a color called Say Hello Kitty! Special Edition because that comes in a limited edition kit with Swarvoski crystals.  Any of you guys get that kit?  I bet those crystals are so cute aaah!

Kitty White 3 coats, no topcoat.  If you apply 1 coat you can see the flecks of small glitter that sparkle pink and green.  By the time you apply a third coat your nails look mostly pearly white.  

Showered by Petals 3 coats no topcoat.  The formula for this color was very thin, which surprised me but I think I liked it better than a thick goopy white.  Unfortunately that did not mean it was not streaky, because it was. Even after 3 coats I could still see little bits of my nail peeking through.

Let's Be Friends!  3 coats no topcoat.  A pale baby pink creme, this one was streaky and thin as well.

Small + Cute = ♥ 3 coats, no topcoat.  A cool-toned light pink creme, thin but getting less streaky.  Applying a thicker third coat helps.

Spoken from the Heart 3 coats, no topcoat.  Dark pink crelly, this applied perfectly in 2 thin coats.

5 Apples Tall 2 coats no topcoat. Candy apple red crelly applied perfectly in 2 coats.  Love this color and formula!

The creme colors are so thin that they pooled at my cuticles.  Can't remember the last time I had to do cleanup on swatches, but I had to for the pink and white creme.  My tip for those shades:  apply 2 thin coats and a thicker third coat, making sure to wait a couple of minutes between coats so you don't drag.  Spoken from the Heart and 5 Apples tall had the perfect consistency and very opaque.

Part 2 will be up soon, thanks for reading!

Sent by OPI for review.

Irresistible Me Silky Touch Hair Extensions Photos and Review

I have never worn hair extensions before so when Irresistible Me contacted me I was pretty excited to try them out.  I lost quite a bit of hair from the crown area and near my hairline from postpartum hairloss.  I was losing huge clumps everyday!  This is the main reason why I cut my hair short.  Not that I lose less hair or anything, it's just easier to deal with the fallen hair and also less tangles.

I chose the color Natural Black from the Silky Touch line, which is a warm toned black and it matches my hair well.  My natural hair is still a tad warmer.  One other nice thing about chopping off my hair is I was finally able to cut off the last of my color treated ends so now it is all my natural hair color.

I picked the 20 inch extensions and 200 grams.  It comes with 10 pieces. 1 x 4-clip weft, 2 x 3-clip wefts, 5 x 2-clip wefts and 2 x 1-clip wefts.  The package was shipped to me very quickly and came in a sturdy box.

Inside is a large ziplock type bag that has 2 pockets, the small side on the right has a single 2 clip weft and 3 spare clips.  The larger side on the left holds the rest of the hair extensions.  They give you the 1 weft so you can take it out and make sure it matches your hair color and to make sure you like it.  If it doesn't you can send it all back and exchange it for the right shade.

I have naturally curly hair but the curls on my right side of my head look different than my left side so I thought it would be too hard to blend so I straightened it.  If you missed it you can check out how I cut my hair here.

 The back before starting.  I grew SO many grey hairs during my pregnancy!  It's everywhere, ugh.

I tied up most of my hair and left a small section at the bottom.  This is where the big 4 clip weft will go.

There is a dent in there from the rubber band that was on it.  I didn't do anything to the extensions before starting except to brush them out.

I then parted my hair slightly above the first weft and put in another 3 clip weft.

Then I parted my hair near the crown and added a 2 clip weft.  I don't really know what I'm doing here just adding hair as I go up.  The first thing I'm noticing about now is how weird these clips feel on my head.  They don't hurt they just feel heavy.  Later I get used the feeling and it goes away.

Now the sides.  I parted above my ear and added a 2 clip weft.  Then I parted above that and added a 1 clip weft.  Since I have less hair on this side due to part that was enough I thought.

I don't have photos of the other side but I did the same thing except I added an extra 2 clip weft.  I think I needed to clip in the extensions a little closer to my face, it's really not blending that well.

The back all finished.  I don't have layers so it looks pretty blunt.  Might need to clip in the last hair higher up my crown.

Dylan break!

I flat ironed the back a bit.  My son kept me running back and forth so I didn't spend as much time flat ironing but I think it helped.

My solution?  Half up-do!  Looks pretty good now.

Unless you were inspecting me closely you couldn't tell I have extensions in.  I think if I were to wear them in the future I would take the time to curl my hair and the extensions.  It would just blend a lot better I think.  I was looking more for length not volume so I think I didn't need to wear all 10 wefts either.

One notable thing about these extensions is that they have a smell.  Like a musty cigarette smell.  I asked Irresistible Me about it and was told that some people notice a smell, some don't.  I am very sensitive to scents so not surprised it bothered me.  Washing the extensions take care of the smell problem.  So if you're like me you may want to wash them before using them for the first time.

So I washed them to see how the hair felt and smelled after.  I used Kirkland brand shampoo and conditioner.  After I patted them gently with a towel and just draped them over my shower rod to dry.

The hair was soft and silky and smell free!  It got a bit wavy but nothing a flat iron or curling iron won't fix.  So yeah, I recommend washing these before use.

  • Easy to clip in
  • Easy exchange policy in case of damage or the hair not matching your color or meeting your expectations
  • Gives instant volume and length

  • Has an unpleasant odor, requires washing first
  • Lots of fallout (my bathroom floor and sink had a lot of hair that came out)

Where to get themIrresistible Me

Price: For the Silky Touch 20 inches I have shown you here is priced at $189.  14 inches and 100 grams starts at $79.  The more hair you add, the higher the price.

Sent by Irresistible Me for review.

Calvin and Hobbes Nursery Mural

This was the state of our spare bedroom, which I used as my personal nail/filming/photo room.  I'm a slob I know!

To be fair, it was getting cluttered because I was putting baby stuff in here.  Yeah, that's it!

I consolidated all of my polish into 1 tall Alex unit (emptied the other one and put it in my sons closet) and the rest of my things went into the short Alex.  We then rented a projector from a local camera store and my mother in law printed a transparency of the Cavin and Hobbes we were interested in.

We grabbed pencils and started tracing the image on the wall.

We custom mixed all the paint colors, and for the tree trunk and leaves we went to Lowe's and purchased pint sized colors.

I had a hard time sleeping at night so I would wander in at odd hours and paint here and there.

Double checking with the projector to see if we missed anything.

We took elements of different photos and painted it how we wanted.

Late nights.


Belle was such a sweetheart, she always came in and watched and kept us company.  I miss her so much.

Finished!  It took us 7 straight days to complete and we loved every second of it.  Dylan will gaze at the wall while he is in his crib, I hope he likes this mural when he is older.  Maybe someday we will paint another one of his choice!

Gave myself a haircut!

I love my hair long, but I am losing tons of hair from postpartum hairloss and my son also loves my hair. As in swatting, grabbing and yanking on it.  I was aiming for a long bob but when I made my first cut I did it too short so it's a couple inches shorter than I had hoped.  My hair grows really fast so that's okay!

I bought some cheap hair shears from Amazon and just chopped it off.  I sectioned my hair on the sides separately so I could cut them at an angle.  The back section I cut right beneath the bottom hair tie.

It was really hard to trim up the back in a straight line, in fact it is still slightly longer on my right side but I rarely wear my hair down and straight so I gave up trying to fix it.  I also used thinning shears to thin out the back a bit.  If I didn't my hair would not lie flat in the back.

Seeing this in the sink gave me that what have I done feeling.

This is the first time I cut my hair from home with actual hair shears.  It made a huge difference! No more making multiple jagged cuts trying to go through my thick hair.  Definitely recommend buying a pair.  I got some cheap ones for about $12.

I like how I can put my curl cream in after my shower and I don't have to worry about styling my hair.  If I want it to look super nice I blow dry it straight and then curl it with a flat iron for more even looking curls.  It's still long enough to wear in a pony if I'm in a hurry.

Do you cut or trim your own hair?

Meet The Little Hungry Asian!

This is Dylan and he is 4 months old today.  Has it been that long since I last posted?  His newborn months went by in a haze for me since I caught a cold at the hospital and spent several weeks sick in bed and nursing him.

Now he loves to smile and giggle, and one of his favorite things is he loves to look up your nostrils while you talk to him! If he sees those nostrils he will let loose the most adorable giggles!  He makes me so very happy.  Before I start gushing too much, let's get to the pics shall we? Warning: lots of baby pictures!!

His car ride home.

 All 1 week old.

2 weeks I think.

1 month!

 Love his cowlick!

 He started smiling at 5 weeks or so.

 Sick Mommy.

Hanging out with Grandma.

 After bathtime sleep.

He loves his mobile in his crib.

 Off on a nice stroller ride to see great grandma.

 His smile melts my heart!

 Tummy time.

14 weeks.

At 10 weeks old he said "I love you"!  I caught it on camera

Thanks for looking!