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More pictures I took and never did anything with.

 Lets start this party with some spatulas, because clearly every party needs more spatulas!  Ok but really why did I wait so long to buy silicone ones?!  They don't melt when you stir hot sauces and stuff.

 Next up in stupid pictures is this water bottle.  Yep.  Bask in it's full 24 oz. glory!

 Now I have the giggles!  This thing is pretty handy tho, great for my homemade pickled ginger.

 This was my first prototype for a pinkish jelly over a year ago.  I scrapped it and made U Jelly? instead.  Thinking about bringing this one back to life.

My hair 6 months ago.  Ends were super light because my winter dyeing (going back to black) faded very quickly.

Old picture of Belle sleeping on shoes.

 Wearing my Diablo shirt lol.  I just hit paragon 67 and 100 seems so. far. away.

 Fooled ya!  Looked ok until I took a macro shot huh?  I am so bad at the nail stickers.  I can't do them! Any tips?

My photos upload in folders with the year, month and day.  So sometimes I accidentally click a different years folder from the current month.  Anyway this was September 2011 folder and I miss having long nails so much!  Waaah.

Speaking of nubar, I haven't been to their site in ages.  I just did a pedi and topped with Diamont and was just wondering if they have anything new lately.

I'm wearing a new color I have made for fall, it's a forest green jelly with iridescent glitter that sparkles gold to pinkish.  I have worn it several times now and I'm positive this will make it into the small lineup for fall.  I am trying to make a section on my website that shows all of my nail polish offerings with detailed descriptions.  I hope to work on that this week!

That's it for me right now.  Hope you guys have a wonderful week!