Mariah Carey by OPI Swatches and Review

OPI's next collaboration is with Mariah Carey, and this collection has 8 colors.  I'm sure the ones that are intriguing people most are the Liquid Sand glitters, so check it out!

Anti-Bleak 3 coats is a dark purple creme.  This smelled funny, like melted plastic.

1 coat of Pink Yet Lavender over Anti-Bleak.  

Pink Yet Lavender 3 coats has large pink hex glitter with small holographic glitter in a clear base.  This was on the thicker side, it made applying 3 coats a little difficult.  This is clearly a layering glitter and when applying 1 coat over another color it's not an issue.

A Butterfly Moment 2 coats.  OPI calls it a frosty nude but it didn't look that nude on me.  I thought it was a pretty color in the bottle but it didn't go well with my skintone, it made my fingers look more red.  It has a nice golden shimmer with other little specks of color, mostly green and pink.

Sprung 2 coats.  This needs 3 coats I did not notice the sheer spots on my nails at the time.  This is one of those shimmery glass fleck like colors with pink and gold in a coppery base.

Stay The Night 3 coats.  The black part is bumpy I would say, not so gritty that it will snag on your clothes.  The red glitter does stand out.

With 2 coats of topcoat. 

The Impossible 3 coats.  This is a reddish pink base with glitter, I know there are star glitters in there as well but I didn't get any on my brush.

With 2 coats of topcoat.  You can see the glitter details much better with topcoat.  When it was in the liquid sand state the larger hex glitters looked like dark blobs.

Get Your Number 3 coats.  The base is a sheer blue with different sized glitters, some holographic.  This one is my favorite.  I think this is the most gritty of the bunch, it was very rough.

Very textured.

With 2 coats of topcoat.  

Can't Let Go 3 coats.  This one is a bit like The Impossible with its larger hex glitters and texture.  

2 coats of topcoat.  Very pretty.

I wore Get Your Number for 3 days (no topcoat) using the Elmer's Glue base, and it surprisingly held up perfectly.  It also made removal a snap, so I definitely recommend using that if you plan on wearing any of the liquid sand colors.

For those 3 days, I was constantly touching my nails and rubbing them with my fingers.  They were so scratchy I couldn't help it.  It's not a bad thing or anything it was just so weird having something so rough on my nails I was kind of obsessed with touching them.  Oh yeah definitely don't put in or take out contacts while you're wearing these without topcoat.

Other than the slightly thick glitter Pink Yet Lavender and the smelly-ness of Anti-Bleak, the formula was smooth and easy to work with.  The liquid sand colors were very easy to apply and dried quickly.

I personally prefer topcoat over these liquid sand shades because I did not like having rough nails, but for those of you that may like the textured look definitely give them a shot.  At least you always have the option of putting topcoat on them and making them smooth and shiny.

Sent to me for review.