Random Friday 2-24-2012!

 MAC Unconditionally Fabulous, 1 coat only so it looks blah, oops!

New bottle shots!

 I like to pickle my own ginger!  I slice mine thin using a slicer thingie, yep thats the offical name lol.  It's not a fancy mandolin or anything just a slider with a grater on the other side.

 Add vinegar, sugar and salt to your liking (I like mine a little sweet) and refrigerate overnight and you have pickled ginger!

 Belle loves this little owl we got her.  She started having seizures several months ago and is now given medication every 8 hours to reduce them.  Even then she still has at least 1 a month. :(  She seems ok otherwise, well I sure hope so.  I wish doggies could tell you how they feel.

 I posted this to Twitter a while ago but this is the huge mess that I work in.  I have since swatched off some of the bottles lol and tidied up a little.

 Here is the little owl, that beak it has was ripped off literally seconds after we gave it to our dogs lol.

 Thunder from down under, aaaaaaah

 Found her "hugging" a dropped towel on the floor, it was soooo cute!

Can't remember the last time I posted my mug! I colored my hair dark brown, and this is before my self haircut.  It was just long enough to do a high pony tail.

Have a nice weekend everyone!  Tweet me your pics/links of any glitters, I wanna see them!