Holiday Set Swatches

This photo was taken after my video swatching.  Can't really see the lightly blackened base as much with this flash shot. ;(  3 coats of each.

Click these macro shots to see HUGE GLITTERS!

 Sneeze Breeze macro bottle shot

 3 coats
1 coat over black.  Looking at this I should have done this glitter over white. Sorry!

 Lucy's Jingle Jangle bottle macro shot.

3 coats

1 coat over black.

 I Hate Pink macro bottle shot.

 3 coats

1 coat over black.  The red glitter really pops on black here.

 Sea Creature macro bottle shot.

3 coats.

I'm missing my over black photo oops!


  1. Lucy's Jingle Jangle is so cute for the holidays!! I love it!

  2. I ordered my set, yay! They're all gorgeous. Thanks for the sweet things you said. I'm excited to get my namesake! You've done another amazing job. (((hugs)))


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