I am 34!

All I can think is another year has gone by already?  Thank you all for the birthday wishes!   Here is my bday mani:

My nails are a wreck atm, and my nailbeds are starting to get shorter can you tell?  I'm wearing Zoya Caitlin as my base and I was originally going to put on Happy Birthday by DL on top but I just happened to get the new Nicole Texture Coats (they are the same as OPI Shatter) in the mail today so I saw it as a sign to add one of them to my manicure.  This one is Gold Texture.  I did thick coat to make the deeper cracks.  The Nicole Texture Coat was sent to me for review :)

I'm not really celebrating my birthday until Sunday (my day off) so today just feel like a normal day lol. 

I will end with a random story and pictures.  The other day an asian lady came knocking on our door.  I thought she was a solicitor so I didn't answer it.  But 5 mins later I look outside and her car is still in our driveway so I go out there and see her breaking off our bamboo (we have black bamboo kinda growing crazy at our house).   I thought it was rude to just come to someone's house and start breaking off their plants!  We talked for a couple minutes but she said she cooks the bamboo shoots and asked me if I eat them.  I said no, and she got in her car and left.

Ever since then, I couldn't stop thinking about the bamboo shoots.  I see them for sale at the asian market (the really huge edible kind) and usually eat it in some asian dish.  I had to know if mine were edible.  Curiosity got to me so I went outside with a bag and broke off fresh shoots.  I peeled off the outer layers and cut them up and boiled them for about 20 minutes.

Taste testing them just boiled, they were pretty good!  So what do you do with fresh bamboo shoots, well the easy solution was to deep fry them lol.

I ate these and forgot to take any pictures except this one, terrible I know.  They were really, really good!  Next time I am going to stir fry with them. 

Hope you have a wonderful day! ♥♥