Follow up on Nubar Diamont

When Nubar contacted me about the Diamont formula change, they also offered to send me a new bottle (with the old formula) to try out. 

It arrived today so I took off my mani (Barielle Pink Sherbert in case you were wondering) and tried it with 3 coats of Color Club Magic Elf.  Oh the first thing I did was open the new one and sniff it.  Yup, smells like rubber!  A good sign, and very rarely can you say you want a product to smell rubbery.

Here is a picture of my old and new bottles.  It looks like the brush is different on the newer bottle but it's the same, I went and checked!

They even changed the bottle front back to the old design. 

I applied my old treasured bottle on my thumbs and the rest of my fingers I used the new bottle.  After applying Diamont on my 10th finger, my pinky (first finger I apply) was dry to the touch.  After checking again an hour later, it is shiny and very dry.  Yay!

Nubar says that all their current stock is with the good formula now so you can order with confidence.  I'm sure if they mess it up they will fix it for you asap.  I had a broken bottle issue when I ordered from them before and their CS was really excellent and handled it fast.

2 of these were sent to me to review, I bought the other.