Sally Hansen Emerald City

Emerald City, 3 coats with Seche Vite. This is my first Xtreme Wear color, I've seen them a lot in other blogs and never tried one until now. I think this is also my first normal green. It went on very sheer the first coat, then by the third it was bottle color. It has a great metallic shimmer to it, I really like this shade. The wand is soooo long I was shocked, and the brush was wide and perfect! I definitely will try more of these soon. Have a nice weekend!


  1. Yeah, boy do I have a lot of these! Haha. I think this is my favorite kind of the Sally Hansen polishes. It looks fantastic on you!

  2. That is a stunning green, I need to go check it out!

  3. Hey there. Ya...I have a few of these! I really like this color on you. Very becoming! I love to layer it with Color Club's Object of Envy. It's a great combo together.

  4. Try out more of the metallic cap bottles, the colours are fab. I'm waiting for my haul from a friend myself, can't wait :-)

  5. wow!! this is really pretty green.. i love it so much...

  6. Don't your nails look 'xtremely gorgeous! I couldn't resist that one. I have about 20+ of this brand. I really like them. Their glitters are pretty good. I love Disco Ball. It's a holo that remind me of China Glazes' Fairy Dust. It's my only polish that I have a backup of. Have a nice weekend sweetie!

  7. very pretty green btw i love your nails at this length very pretty

  8. Wow, that looks awesome on you. I love your current nail length too!

  9. That looks perfect :) I like this line quite a bit, the color range is fantastic and the formula seems much better than some of their other lines. Enjoy the weekend!

  10. I love seeing green polish on other people's nails but haven't brought myself to wearing one yet... this one is just perfect on your nails though, stunning :)

  11. gorgeous green!! you nail are always so perfect! :)

    Im so happy you love the foundation<3<3 Im kinda happy that they are discounted I got to stock up hehe :3

  12. it looks beautiful on you! the SH xtreme wear are available in Israel and not very expencive too! I might get some :-)

  13. This is a gorgeous green!

  14. Nicole,
    hah yeah I saw some on your blog! I dunno why I waited so long to try, this one was perfect in every way.

    It's super cheap too, you can get them on sale for 2 bucks! soo many great colors I saw I had a hard time picking just 1 lol

    hi hi! thanks, and my intital reaction when i saw how sheer it was the first coat was, layer! I will try it next time :D

    Oooh I will check them out, they had a ton of colors it was overwhelming!


    lol you are too funny! really one of these days you are going to have to show us your stash. I can't wait to snag a few more.

    Oh thank you, it sure is easier to paint them lol! :D

    Thank you! I did miss my shorties and some finger freedom lol

    Mine was perfect brush and application so yeah awesome for 2 dollars :D

    Lol I think I was the same way until this! Thanks :D

    Thanks :) Yeah I was relieved yellow 2 worked on me, 1 I guess I will save for winter time! yeah I know 8.75$ was crazy cheap!

    Oooh you should try it, great polish and tons of colors!


    Thank you :)

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