OPI Mother Road Rose & KonAddict's giveaway

Don't forget you can win a Konad B kit at KonAddict's blog. Click here to see the details! While you are there check out some of her Konadicures they are awesome.
Of course I can't forget Kathleen from OC Nail Art! (^^ )

I consider myself an easy-to-please person, so wearing a mauve in summertime is okay with me! Mother Road Rose is a purpley mauve with a pink shimmer that makes you look one second longer in person.

I did think that is was a little too dark so to summer it up a bit I put a flowery sticker on it. This is my first time using stickers I have been itching to try them I think I am hooked already! Prepare to see me use up this set a lot in the upcoming weeks. Am I supposed to put a clear coat over the sticker?

The indoors shot, I wore 2 coats with Seche Vite.


  1. That's a lovely shade, Kae! I love the sticker. I haven't tried any out, but I'd like to! And I'd also like to find out if you're supposed to put the top coat on it. Very cute though!

  2. The color is really nice and I love the sticker. I cant wait to see more stickers.

  3. You have such beautiful nails! I like that shade and the pink shimmer is a bonus. I always put the sticker on and then do the top coat on all of my nails. Sometimes when I remove the polish with remover, I'm left with just the sticker and I have to soak it a little :)

  4. That's such a pretty color! OPI is my favorite polish brand. :)

    I always wear a coat of clear over my nail stickers; otherwise the corners can start to peel up. Stickers last me much longer when I put them under a topcoat. I love them!

  5. the colors is gorgeous and looks fab on you :)
    that sticker is really pretty too

  6. This shade is pretty and with the sticker it's so girly :)

  7. I've just complained to my hubby - "Kae's done it again. Kae ALWAYS has a polish on that I need to have after I look at her blog". You don't play fair Kae! :) I LOVE mauve and rose tones! Love the stickers too! Look forward to seeing more soon <3 xx

  8. summer or fall - it's beautiful! looks great on you - so who cares if it's not an officially summer color?
    I always apply top coat over stickers, it lasts longer and not messing it.

  9. Darker colors are always fine by me. :-) Your nails look really good Kae. The design was just the right touch.

  10. It'a a lovely color!! I love it.
    congrats from Brazil.


  11. Hi Nicole:
    Thank you, I too like the sticker I definitely need to get more designs!

    The Princess:
    Thank you :)

    Thank you! Yes I put a clear coat on top of the sticker and it looked better. hid the sticker lines, but not that big of a deal you can't even see it (unless you're looking at pics online ;) )

    Thank you :)

    Thanks! I think they are my favorite too.
    I did try the clear coat it was much better, thank you.

    Thank you! :)

    Thanks, I want more stickers haha.

    Lol you are just too funny! I actually have a couple more mauves and I think one more nudish tone. I feel like I've been wearing the same colors tho need some other color to throw in.

    True true, wear what you want, when you want right?
    I tried it and it works better so I will be using a topcoat :)

    I love dark colors! Thank you :)

    Thank you ;)

  12. Very cute. I always put a top coat over my stickers too.

  13. That's another gorgeous OPI. Love the sticker also. I have some stickers and I can't get them off the paper!


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