OPI French Cognac

No matter what I tried this did not photograph the brown in this color, it is not red. It's burgundy and brown mixed together, dusky almost. At least that's what I see, this bottle is all yellowed up at the bottom so I don't know if this is the color it's supposed to be.

Either way, I like it. I wore 3 coats and it applied like a dream, smooth and creamy!

I had to stamp it, I've used this before but it is my favorite french tip on plate m56. You can see the yellow bottom well in this one.

Oh the pain and suffering of crooked stamps. It was sooo crooked I tried to do them all crooked to match, and my index went on straight! Figures.


  1. i love this,i can deffinately see the brown its like a deep brownish redish cream gorjuz,and i love the konad tips very cute.i just love ur nails

  2. Do you always stare at your nails? they are just so nice and long~
    And i love the Konad^^ made my heart itchy to get that image plate, tehee...

  3. That drives me crazy when I can't get the photograph to show the color. But whatever color it is, I think your nails look beautiful. I haven't tried the French plates yet, although they sound like fun.

  4. Very pretty! :D I love the Konad tips! I agree with Mary, it drives me crazy when the colours don't show up accurately in the pictures.

  5. Despite all the stamping I have done, I haven't tried the French tip plates yet. I like the dark waves over the brownish red/burgundy. It's a neat color combo.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I added yours to my blogroll. :)

  6. I can just barely see the brown in this, but I definitely see it in the bottle! I hate that too. I just tried to photograph China Glaze Shocking Pink - oh, it's hopeless.
    This looks utterly lovely on you though.

  7. Awww..it looks great! I wouldn't have ever known the difference. About the stamps. Some colors are so hard to capture,dang! It looks pretty anyway.

  8. You may think that it's not photographed well but I think it's a very sexy colour! Lovely stamping too - very classy as always! This is definitely on my lemming list! And I agree with Rachel about your nails and the Konad plate <3

  9. Hi Skye! Thanks so much you're such a sweetie pie.

    Sometimes I do, when I wear glitter lol. I bet you would do a really awesome job with this plate!

    Drives you crazy too! =x Thank you, and the french plates are so hard! I don't have any plates yet that cover the entire nail, those looks pretty.

    Thanks, you know your pictures are always so nice I almost don't believe you ever have color problems.

    I really like the french designs, they just mess me up so much!

    You have pretty nails :) Thank you.

    Yeah when are the camera companies going to make a 'nail polish' setting?! Ooh pink you say? I wanna see!
    Thank you!

    Thanks, zoomed in by the camera it is so unforgiving lol.

    Thank you! Your email with the pictures was just too cute.

  10. wow kae!! that's gorgeous...love the design & the color! Btw, are those your own nails? I can never grow mine to look like that!

  11. Hello Kae - I've nominated you for a little taggy tag. I don't know whether you are into them but if you would like to check out the tag go to ireneandmabel.blogspot.com <3 Glad you liked the e-mail! xx

  12. I've yet to try the french tips plates, at least the one you used here because it sure looks good (crooked or not)

    The color looks really pretty on you, I've said this before, but your nails are gorgeous :)

  13. Ohh I know what you mean about not being able to photograph colours - it drives me mad too.

    This is a nice colour though, really rich.

  14. Not being able to get the accurate color in the photo can be very frustrating, I know what you mean....but I could definitely see the brown side of this color and it's lovely :-)

  15. Tammi:
    Thank you! Yes they are my natural nails, a year ago they were tiny bitten down nubs so I am very happy.

    Thank you so much! I like your other blog too!

    I love this pattern, goes with everything :)
    Thank you!

    Haha yeah it's the worst. Mmm rich is a good word to describe it!

    Thank you :)

    Oh just to warn you it's really not as red as you see! a little more muted burgundy.

  16. That's a very pretty shade on you. I just added that color to my " wants" list. I love the French tip of your Konadicure. Your nails are looking beautiful.

  17. I'm so sad!! I've been trying to find this color and it's discontinued..... :-(
    Know any other OPI color that's similar?!?!


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