Greece Just Blue Me Away

Greece Just Blue Me Away is a very sheer shimmery blue. It's makes me think of the bright blue ocean, the kind you see in cruise commercials and want to dive into. Well except for me I'm hydrophobic. It's so pretty but why is it so sheer?! I already tried layering it over black which I liked a lot but today I tried an OPI that lost its label, it's a shimmery burgundy. Before posting this I was browsing blogs and noticed Mary layered today too, and hers looks so awesome! Her blog is Body and Soul :)

I didn't know this was blurry, but I just wanted to show the other color.

The blue is more vivid in person, maybe the reddish bottom coat was a bad idea.

I did 3 coats of the unknown OPI, a topcoat, 2 coats of Greece Just Blue Me Away and then another coat of SV, I look like I have fake nails on if you look from the side!

Here is a bad flash picture I took a week or so ago when I tried it over black. Look at the growth, woo!


  1. Kae! You have a new fan :) I love your blog and way you paint your nails - Wow! Every polish looks fab and today's are no exception. Beautiful :)

  2. Your nails look so beautiful. I love how you layered the sheer polish. Very pretty over the blue.

  3. Aw, thanks for the mention ♥ I think your layering turned out great! All of the blue/red/purple shimmer is beautiful!

  4. You have such lovely nails Kae! I almost got this one, too bad it's so sheer. It looks amazing layered over black though! :D

  5. i hate when i end up with a sheer D:
    worst thing ever!
    but i guess layering is what they should be used for.
    i love the black/blue combination :D

  6. yeah thats crazy how sheer they make it but I LOOOOOVE the layering look!
    ps i can not believe your hydrophobic!

  7. Danielle: Aww thank you. I like your blog too!

    Lucy: Thank you! ☺

    Mary: Thanks, and I love your blog so my pleasure.

    Wan: Thank you! I was disappointed when I first wore it alone, thank goodness layering is a lot of fun.

    Nina: Yah I know, the bottle color is so deceiving sometimes!

    Tiffany: I like how it layers too. :)
    Well long story short I had quite the traumatizing experience as a child and fear the water =x

  8. I love this over black! Looks awesome.

  9. Whoa, awesome result of layering!


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