China Glaze Ruby Pumps

I layered 2 coats of Ruby Pumps over a coat of black polish. I think it looks like a more colorful and sparkly version of Lubu Heels.

The sunlight pictures I took disappointed me, they were not dazzling like I was seeing in person.

So inside I went (gladly since it is 106 out right now!) and you can see more black showing through.

So I have officially been on biotin for 6 months now. The only reason for taking it was to help strengthen my flimsy nails. I now think that it is just impossible to do such a thing, I might have to settle for a nice nail strengthener polish. Well anyway I do believe it helps my nails grow much faster so once I find a ruler I would like to try to put my finger up to it and take daily pictures! Now if only I can find a ruler...


  1. kae this colour looks amazing on u i love it its really classy and feminine,im on biotin aswell its been i think just over a month,i have noticed some changes...

  2. What an awesome idea to layer it over black. Ruby Pumps is gorgeous in it's own right, this adds a whole extra dimension to it.

  3. That is SO pretty! I loves it :) I've been contemplating getting Ruby heels and I think this has just made up my mind :)

  4. No need to feel disappointed, that is stunning! One of my all time favorite polishes. You nails look fantastic. 106, wow! We haven't had any good, hot days this summer.

  5. Wow! That's really gorgeous. I love Ruby Pumps, it's one of my faves, and it looks extra amazing over the black - I hadn't thought of that but I'm going to try it!

  6. Tell me about it! I sometimes have the same problem. My pics don't always reflect the dazzling sparkle or glitter that the naked eye can see! Your photos look great though! I love your long nails. I can't seem to get mine to matter what I!

  7. I love! Beautiful as always.... I've been on Biotin for six months also and I honestly seen some vast improvements. Even more with using Nailtek! They are as hard as rocks! Touch wood I don't have a break now! :/

  8. Wow they look like they've grown a lot since I last saw you!

  9. I love the color! I think the layering is amazing, the sparkling red becomes vampy and so much more interesting and sophisticated.

  10. wow layering ruby pumps over black gives it a vampy look, it seems to glow from within! really really gorgeous!
    I don't know what biotin is but if you're looking for a good nail hardener there's MAVALA "scientifique" :)

  11. That looks amazing - very vampy and foxy!

  12. Very pretty, I've never tried that combination before! Always used Ruby Pumps on it's own.

  13. i always think dark red is the coolest color on nails..
    Different base color really makes a different to the outcome, for this red it is always match with a black one.
    I've tried red with white before but it doesnt really stun, haha..

    Anyway, thanks for following my blogs!
    A big hug to you~ \(^ ^)/

  14. I love this colour! Thanks for posting this!

  15. I've tried this polish and don't like it very much...But on a black base, it's just "wawwww" ♥

  16. This looks gorgeous over black - very pretty.

    Sorry to hear that your nails did not gain strength with the Biotin..... your nails still look beautiful.

  17. I love this color - its glitter are stunning and it looks perfect on your gorgeous nails :-)

  18. Nailz-In-Aus:
    Thanks I have to agree I just love it! Do you take anything besides biotin? I wonder why it doesn't work on me?!

    I wore it on my toes alone it does look great on it's own!

    Yes you should get this for sure! :D

    I'm going on day 2 of this mani I might even break a record with 3 days! Seems a shame to take it off so soon, lol do you ever remember the days when you used to wear the same polish for like 2 weeks and let it chip down to nearly nothing before finally changing it? Aaah.

    I was going to layer it first over a darker red, but I didn't have one lol! Ones of my favorites too!

    It drives me crazy when I can't get a picture to show a polish properly! Thank you, I might grow them out a little bit longer for now, or until I can't play solitare on my phone lol.

    Thank you :)
    Wow that's nice biotin has worked for you, I still have 3 months supply left so I'll keep at it until I run out. Maybe I just need more time...

    Yeah I was thinkin the same thing, I filed them a tiny bit last night tho. I'll probably only last another week it's already hard to type!

    Thank you, and I thought so too! :)

    Yeah it kind of gives it some depth, pretty crazy!
    I just looked up your product it has amazing reviews, I have to put that on my want list, thank you!

    Thanks! This would look good on yours talons ;D

    Thank you, I do like it alone too, more summery feel to it.

    I love vampy so I have to agree!
    Yeah I can't believe I was following your other blog for the longest time, I feel dumb =x

    Thank you! ☺

    Awww, well maybe you will give it another shot sometime :D

    Deez Nailz:
    Thank you, I love the dark look!
    I am pretty disappointed but I will continue to take it for 3 more months before I completely dismiss biotin =x

    Aww thank you (^.^*)

  19. Looooving this colour. It looks like it has a lot of depth. I haven't tried biotin but after taking off my acrylics last week I've been using Sally Hansen nail hardener which seems to be working. Now we'll just see how many days I can last before I chop them off and go back to my fakes -_-'

  20. Kae, that is awesome layering!

  21. Violet:
    Yay I thought so too! Next time I wear going to try red. I hope I see some results soon. ♥

    Thanks! :D

  22. I've only used my Ruby Pumps ones and then I applied it on non layered nail, just plain. I took many coats for it to bo opaque. I'll definitely try with a black base!

  23. your nails are sooo beautiful! i know your tried biotin...but do you have any "enhancement" product on your nail? the shape is great!. Ive been using OPI Axxium gel now for about 6 weeks. Love it, but i spend too much time on my nails now. But if you see on my blog, my nails used to be they are long (for me anyways). Thw gel is thin, soak off, & flexable! protects my nails from breaking. Though the minute im not waering it- BREAKAGE! i think thin nails are always thin-unless you LAYER product over them..but even so- the NAIL ITSELF will remain thin.

  24. Wow Kae that is beautiful. I love Ruby Pumps and it's so gorgeous. Layering really made this even more amazing. Your nails are so beautiful. I've been on biotin also. I think maybe 4 months. My nails aren't any thicker but they have grown. I have a problem with peeling. I still have about half that still are peeling on the edges. Then that's when they break at the thinnest part. I don't think we are ever satisfied with our nails.


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