Racing stripes

When I showed Alex (husband) my nails before taking pics he said, "they look like racing stripes!" so he named this update for me :)

I used painters tape again, black base and put two strips then painted red over it. The red bubbled like crazy!


  1. That is great and I love the little jewel, nice touch. What red is that? It's a pretty shade, even if it did bubble!

  2. I like it and great name too! Since I spilled the beans on your painters tape idea, I have gotten several comments about it. Great idea there girly :)

    That's too bad the red bubbled, I hate it when that happens ..

  3. Thanks Mary, the red is Maybelline Express Imperial Red. It looks very good over black!

    Brooke! I have some more ideas with the tape coming up this weekend :)

  4. Love this manicure. I love this shade of red.

  5. Thank you Lucy, it is on my favorites too!


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