Holiday Marble

I have been dying to do a water marble manicure for ages and ages, ever since Colette from My Simple Little Pleasures has been showing her great ones.  If you ever want to see some awesome video tutorials and ideas definitely check her out.

I saw her Poinsettia water marble and knew I would have to try it.

 This is a test run I did in my glass I don't have white in here obviously but you get the idea for the pattern.

What I used:  Nubar Competition Red, SH All The White Stuff and Barielle Date Night.

Can you believe I actually tried to line up each nail to look the same?  I also could not even get the pointy part on my nail lol.  Oh well for my first full manicure it came out better than expected.  They look like candy canes!

Have a good weekend!

Hard Candy Beetle

I don't have any of the Orly Cosmix FX shades so Beetle called my name at Wal-Mart.  It flashes pink, orange and green!

I put a stamp on it, I think it's a guy in a cape wearing a bag over his head lol.  There are some funny stamps that comes in the 12 plate set from Born Pretty.  There is another one I have to show you he's doing a funny pose.  Oh I also have a coupon code for Born Pretty if you wanted to get something from there, it's ASIAN (lol) you get 10% off your order with a free keychain!  I don't get anything if you use the code it's just some savings for you.

Oh yeah so okay speaking of Wal-Mart, I also bought some rice wine vinegar I love that stuff.  I was talking to Alex while this lady was ringing us up and when she got to the vinegar she interrupted me and asked me, "Is this for your eggrolls?".  That vinegar is the only food product I purchased ( no eggrolls!).  I must've had a look on my face because I could barely utter I don't know when she said, "Oh nevermind" rang it up and put it in a bag.  Aaaah Wal-Mart.

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OPI Your Royal Shyness

 3 coats with Seche Vite.  I think I needed 4th coat, but who has time for 4 coats honestly?  This is shimmery and frosty at the same time.  Don't really like it.

 It looked pretty in the bottle lol.

 Ok I tried to spruce up a nail to maybe make this wearable for me.  I painted a stripe of CC Snowflakes using painter's tape (my favorite!).

 Ok, that looks weird.

Add stars? No.

This came off shortly after, what I should of done was stamp it!  Ah the good ideas always come as an afterthought for me.

Hello Kitty Fauxnad

I was contacted by Born Pretty, they are an online store that sell nail art products.  They sent me a fauxnad set with 12 plates, stamp and metal scraper.

 One of the plates (M71) has a Hello Kitty on it!  They also sell just the Hello Kitty plate by itself for about $4, pretty good deal.

I painted my nails with Color Club Wish List Red (1 coat!) and 3 coats of a white creme on my ring finger.  I didn't use the rubber stamper that came with this but I did use the metal scraper which worked great.

I had go and fill in HK's ear with black acrylic paint because it didn't stamp but you can barely tell :)  Since I had the paints out I went ahead and filled in her eyes, painted her bow red and her nose yellow.

 I meant to paint 1 nail white but I went on auto pilot and painted them all red.  I think the black on red looks cute too.  I might try to paint this one later just to see how it looks.

This is HK dressed as a panda, and the cutest part is her hoodie comes off!  It's hard to see her panda ears in this shot tho =x

Yes, I bought Hard Candy Beetle I couldn't resist it!  You can see the evidence on my middle finger haha.

If you want to check out the Born Pretty store, click HERE.

These products were sent to me for review.