Our Breaking Bad Series Finale Dinner (no spoilers just food!)

I really wanted to go all out and make blue crystal cupcakes and stuff, but Saturday night I was so exhausted after work I dragged my feet around the super and just grabbed this stuff.

 Thick boneless porkchops.  Next time I may get bone in.  Oh I trimmed most of the fat after this picture.

 Baked potatoes.  I saw a picture on Reddit and it looked so good I had to give it a shot.  A good tip I read there was to put a wooden spoon handle next to potato so you don't cut all the way through.  I sliced this by hand.

 Was in the oven for an hour, and took it out to put some cheese and bacon on it.  I cheated and used turkey bacon.  1 less step to take.  I like the skin on baked potatoes, but if I made this again I would peel it because it got a little hard and crunchy with the long cooktime.  This went back in the oven for 35 more minutes (375).

 I put salt and pepper on the pork an hour and a half before cooking.  30 mins before they hit the pan I put them out on the counter.  I patted them dry and put a little more salt and a sprinkle of sugar right before I cooked them.

 I flipped the pork every minute or so for about 6 mins and then poured about a cup of stock into my pan and covered for 5 minutes.  Once they were 140 fahrenheit inside I put them on a plate and covered with foil to rest for 10 minutes.

The left pork chop you can see 2 dots where I took the temp.  This left one was less juicy than the right.  When I first pulled off the foil after resting, the juice you see on the plate was only around the left chop.  The right one was super juicy.  Lesson learned, don't poke it twice!

There were delicious looking nibbly bits in the pan so I made a gravy with it.  It was salty so I just added some water until I liked the taste and thickened it with some starch.

Even tho I didn't make the cupcakes I still had to make dessert!  This was turtle caramel brownies.

Had to have something blue so here is blue Kool Aid, this was really good!  I think it is blue raspberry lemonade.

The dinner on a plate.  The pork was huge so I couldn't finish it or my potato half, oh well this will make a good leftover for tomorrow.

Good show, good dinner, my night was made!


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More pictures I took and never did anything with.

 Lets start this party with some spatulas, because clearly every party needs more spatulas!  Ok but really why did I wait so long to buy silicone ones?!  They don't melt when you stir hot sauces and stuff.

 Next up in stupid pictures is this water bottle.  Yep.  Bask in it's full 24 oz. glory!

 Now I have the giggles!  This thing is pretty handy tho, great for my homemade pickled ginger.

 This was my first prototype for a pinkish jelly over a year ago.  I scrapped it and made U Jelly? instead.  Thinking about bringing this one back to life.

My hair 6 months ago.  Ends were super light because my winter dyeing (going back to black) faded very quickly.

Old picture of Belle sleeping on shoes.

 Wearing my Diablo shirt lol.  I just hit paragon 67 and 100 seems so. far. away.

 Fooled ya!  Looked ok until I took a macro shot huh?  I am so bad at the nail stickers.  I can't do them! Any tips?

My photos upload in folders with the year, month and day.  So sometimes I accidentally click a different years folder from the current month.  Anyway this was September 2011 folder and I miss having long nails so much!  Waaah.

Speaking of nubar, I haven't been to their site in ages.  I just did a pedi and topped with Diamont and was just wondering if they have anything new lately.

I'm wearing a new color I have made for fall, it's a forest green jelly with iridescent glitter that sparkles gold to pinkish.  I have worn it several times now and I'm positive this will make it into the small lineup for fall.  I am trying to make a section on my website that shows all of my nail polish offerings with detailed descriptions.  I hope to work on that this week!

That's it for me right now.  Hope you guys have a wonderful week!

Biore Steam Activated Cleanser Review

The product squeezes out in a gel texture and it has small blue beads that disappear when you make a lather with your hands. It does suggest you use in the shower and I have been using it daily for a couple of weeks now.

I just squeeze a nickel sized amount on my hand and lather it.  Then just rub it on my face like any other cleanser.  What I like about it is that my face does not feel dry at all when I wash it off.  I have other cleansers that will remove makeup but it leaves my skin feeling tight and dry after.   I normally use Cetaphil gentle cleanser in the morning and this has replaced it for the past 2 weeks.  This works just as good as my Cetaphil.

I noticed after rinsing my lashline and the corners of my lips felt cool and tingly.  So I knew it has menthol in it.  The cooling sensation afterwards is nice and refreshing, especially when you need a little extra help waking up in the morning like me.  Just be extra careful about getting it in your eyes!

The scent is light, kind of minty and citrus-y.

The product claims to be a deep pore cleanser, I didn't really notice any difference in my skin.  I use Skin Action Sebum Gel by Cellnique (I reviewed the gel HERE 3 years ago and have repurchased it 3 times since) which keeps my pores free of blackheads and gunk.  This works great as my daily morning cleanser.

At Target's website this costs $7.49.  If you can find it on sale it would be a pretty good deal.  The tube is 5 ounces and you only need a small amount to lather enough for your face.  I think mine will last for at least 2 more months and I have used it already daily for 2 weeks.

Sent to me for review.

Skoshbox September 2013

I ate this box in 3 days!

The box.

Here is the inside: sweet, flaky, crumbly goodness.

Milky hard strawberry candy.

A pretty standard senbei, or cracker.  If I recall the card said soy sauce flavor.

Who doesn't like lollipops?  This tasted like melon soda, which doesn't actually taste much like melon.  It just tastes.. sweet and yummy.  I wanna take a bath in melon soda!  Ok now you think I'm a weirdo.
Koala shaped hollow cookies filled with creamy chocolate. YUM!

 He's playing baseball!


This is a pretty common snack.  Spicy rice crackers with peanuts.

Another Doraemon rice puff.
I love using mechanical pencils at home so I will use this for sure.

Matcha Milky candy, a bean cake, a jelly candy and a piece of chocolate at the bottom.

This is the bean cake, the texture inside is very firm, yet soft and crumbly in your mouth.  I love these with chestnuts and could eat a whole package for sure lol.  Mmmm speaking of chestnuts I love yokan with chestnut inside.  I can never seem to find any when I'm ordering food online.  Now I am craving yokan.  Thanks a lot guys!  Oh wait.

I enjoyed this box as much as my last.  I am happy it came with an eraser lol!  What did you guys think?

$12/month skoshbox.com

Purchased with my money.

Random Crap

Hey guys!  Just another with pictures of food I've been making and eating lately.  The past 4 days in a row I have had ramen for dinner.  Aaah!

The last time I went to the Asian market I saw some curry paste and picked out the red one.  There is also green and yellow.  I might get green next time.  I forgot to include Thai basil in this picture, but that's basically all that goes into it.  Oh and chicken.

I have never made Thai curry before, mostly because I do not like coconuts very much.  I was sure I didn't like coconut milk.  It's been years so I figured why not!  So this is the red curry paste and coconut milk.  I got the light milk because I thought the coconut flavor would be less intense.

Then I added a chicken thigh.  In retrospect I feel like I should have browned the chicken first and set it aside then added it in at this stage.

The rest of the veggies.  It is starting to smell really good at this point.

I had it with a bowl of long grain jasmine rice.  I used less coconut milk than the recipe called for, and I actually could not even taste it.  I made this again a few days later but with shrimp and they were both delicious.  What new-to-you recipe have you tried recently?

The curry was SUPER spicy!  Wash down with a beer, yes please.

Got this kale and white bean ravioli from Costco ( I loooooove Costco!).  I sauteed homegrown tomatoes in a little olive oil and right at the end added fresh basil.  Salt and pepper, then toss in freshly cooked ravioli and you have such a yummy meal.  I think I had this 3 days in a row for lunch.  I still have half a package in my fridge waiting for me when I get sick of eating ramen lol.

So about those homegrown tomatoes I used in the pasta dish above, my in laws grow some super awesome tomatoes and this year it just kept on coming.  We made 2 huge batches of salsa, and when we got tired of that we switched to BLTS.  I think we had BLTs for 3 or 4 days for sure.  I make the bacon extra crispy and add romain hearts, the tomatoes of course and mayo on whole wheat bread.  Dang I'm now craving a blt!

So I got soy sauce ramen with fresh noodles.  It is very good, I don't know if I can eat the instant ramen noodles now.  This bowl is my 4th one and I was trying to put different things in it.  I wasn't a fan of the sprouts.  My first 2 bowls had a soft boil egg, spinach, green onion and wakame (kelp).  Then my last 2 bowls I made it with pork, onion and whatever I could find.

Went shopping for baby spinach and it was sold out so I settled for baby kale.  Made salads with it but I think I prefer my kale cooked or in smoothies.  This was just ok.

In one of my previous Loot Crate boxes I got this bow tie.  It's pretty awesome, but I wouldn't wear it. Jazzy offered to model it for me.  "How do I look Mommy?"

I can never seem to go longer than 6 months before cutting my bangs.  I had it growing past my nose but oh well. Chop chop it goes.  My hair is still very brown, it hasn't washed away at all or gotten brassy.  This studio lighting makes my hair look much cooler than it is.

With flash it is more color accurate.

Well that's all I have for now, thanks for reading!