Zoya Fleck Effect Review and Swatches + Video

Now onto the Fleck Effects!  3 flakie glitters in a lightly tinted base.

Opal, 3 coats.  On the bare nail swatches I did a generous 3rd coat to help you see it better.  Opal is in a green base with green flakies.

 1 coat of Opal over black.

 Chloe, 3 coats.  I even liked this one on my bare nails because the pink is flattering.  I could totally see an interesting french mani with it too!

 1 coat of Chloe over black. Here you can see the different flakies, I like that there are multiple colors.

 Maisie, 3 coats.  I don't mind this one over my bare nails either.

 1 coat of Maisie over black.  While this is in a blue tinted base, over black this is pretty much identical to Opal with its green flakies.

A short video of me applying these.  Here is a direct link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1_2P2fs4rU

The formula is good, it's thick but not overly thick and goopy.  There isn't a need to manipulate the glitter, and I actually like to do a thick coat over black instead of 2 thin coats. My favorite is Chloe. :)

You can get this now at Zoya's website.

Sent to me for review.

Zoya True Collection Review and Swatches

Zoya's spring collection is called True.  It has 6 colors and they are also releasing 3 new flakie topcoats called Fleck Effects!  I will do a separate post on the flecks later.

Farah, 2 coats.  This is a nice lightly greyed beige creme.  The formula was smooth, creamy and opaque.

Cho, 3 coats.  A warmer nude color, this was very flattering for my skintone.  It has a white shimmer that makes it a little more interesting.  This was thin and watery, I needed 3 coats.

I decided after Farah to swatch the rest of the collection with a random Fleck Effect, so this one is paired with Maisie.

Bevin, 3 coats.  Dusty green creme.  This applied well just needed the 3rd coat for full opacity.

1 coat of Opal on top.

Skylar, 3 coats.  Dusty cornflower blue with a white shimmer.  It's a little more than a shimmer tho, more like something between a shimmer and glass fleck.

With 1 coat of Maisie.

Tru, 2 coats.  A deep, rich purple with multi-color shimmer of gold, pink and green.  My photos washed out the richness of the purple but imagine it being darker.

I thought this looked great with Chloe, 1 coat.

Lotus, 2 coats.  A dusty lavender with a pink shimmer.

I also paired this with Chloe, 1 coat.

I will have swatches of the Fleck Effects in their own post later so stay tuned. 

The formula for this collection was superb, with the exception of Cho which I thought was thin and streaky.  The rest applied very well. 

This collection including the Fleck Effects go on sale January 13th at Zoya.com.

Sent to me for review.

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a nice holiday, I am on vacation so I'm enjoying my time off.  I'll be heading to Las Vegas for the weekend so won't hear much from me for a few days.  I will be back to work on the polishes when I get back tho! 

I'm wearing a red creme polish by Lancome for the weekend, I put it over a Shellac base/top coat and I hope it lasts chip-free.  We shall see, I will let you know the results!

I'll leave you with some random notds and whatever else I could find lol. 

 Cyber Monday shopping: Cult nails glass file and topcoat.

 Testing my new cookies and cream.  What do you think?  It's lumpy lol.

 Fruit tart I found at the grocery that looked so good!  well it WAS good lol.

 Ross loots.

Hmm I tried my first jelly sandwich with a I Hate Pink prototype and one of those Revlon jellies from the summer.  WHAT HAPPENED?!?!

 I check my Icing a lot for this and never found it.  Then one day I go in and decide to get all crazy and dig at the very back of the shelves, and guess what I found? 1 bottle. It totally looked like someone hid it, hah jokes on you can't hide from meeeeee!

 I mean look at this Wii mote, how cool is that?  Gold? Check.  Tri-force? Check.  How many hours lost on the couch? secret.
 Why doesn't CC label their Ross bottles? Fuuuuuuu!

 Croquettes are yummy.

 I made this with Costco food. Well except the avocado.  Cell phone pic.

I got $OPI 212 for my birthday last year, a long lemming gone!  Thank you Olivia! Oh and Eric.