Happy Holidays Franken

I have been lemming Party Hearty so I made my own red/green glitter franken, Happy Holidays.  This is 2 coats over a coat of Color Club Bewitching.  I thought I had enough glitter in there but the glitter was very sparse so I might try to add more later.

Here it 2 coats over China Glaze White Out.  Mmm not as cool as the black since the glitter is small.

So why is there less than half a bottle, you ask?  The last time I posted a franken Asami suggested I try to dry out my clear a bit to help thicken it up.  I had half a bottle of clear and left the sucker open for over a week and it was still pretty thin lol.  Well I had the top ajar I didn't want to dry out the brush.  I thought I would see if it was enough to keep the glitter afloat.  Next time I will plan better and leave it to really dry out.

The red glitter bleeds just a tiny bit but it doesn't effect the glitter at all.

All mixed up.  Thanks for reading, have a great weekend!

Color Club Bewitching 2010 Halloween Set Swatches and Review

Color Club released their Halloween mini set and this year it came with some cute decals!

For those of you wondering if Charmed I'm Sure is a dupe to last year's Taboo!, here is a bottle shot.  It looks like theres more of a blue shimmer in Taboo! but below you can see that Charmed I'm Sure has it as well.  I left this image full size so click if you want to see it up close.

Charmed I'm Sure 2 coats no topcoat.  A purple with a blue and pink shimmer.   I sliced into my index with a nail because I'm just klutzy.


Bewitching 1 coat with no topcoat.  This like many black cremes dry satin-y so you need a topcoat. This black applied like butter, it was amazing.  It's also better than last year's black mini offerings (from the Master of Disguise and Halloween sets).  Maybe because this is a newer bottle, I dunno.  Sad this is a mini because I will be using this to stamp with.

Slightly blurry.

Hocus Pocus 3 coats with Seche Vite topcoat.  Haha you can see where my camera focused, the one spot with no rainbow sparkle!  What a gorgeous glitter, and I love the name!  Ever watch Bugs Bunny where he meets Dracula (or just a random vampire can't remember) and Bugs keeps turning him into a bat by yelling ABRACADABRA and the vampire says HOOOCUS POOOCUS! to undo it?  Oh man I think I said this same exact thing for Color Club's halloween set last year lol!  Ok I'll stop rambling.

Stunning over black, just 1 coat of Hocus Pocus with a coat of Seche Vite.

Spellbound 2 coats with Seche Vite topcoat.  A bright neon orange.  It dries fast with a satin finish so you will need topcoat.

My fingers are glowing!

The decals.

 I used a couple decals and also some of the balls from the coordinating gem wheel.  I used BM plate 13 to stamp a bat on the black part but it didn't show up very well.

The gem wheel (sold separately).

I was disappointed about Charmed I'm Sure just because it was pretty dupey for Taboo! but the other 3 shades rock.  Yep even the black creme :) The decals are sooo cute, if you enlarge you can see that the colored gems on the stickers actually gradient across.  Some of the stickers have 2 colors on them because of it.  I think Color Club makes the best mini's you might even forget that it is a mini bottle.

You can purchase the Bewitching set for $8.50 from VNS HERE.

Products were sent to me for review.

Barielle Holiday Hustle Collection Review and Swatches

Barielle has 6 new shades for the holidays.  Unless stated, I'm not wearing a topcoat.

Coaldest Day Of The Year 2 coats.  A dark metallic grey.

Get Me To The Party 2 coats.  A metallic coppery gold.  The warmness makes it look antique.  This one does show brushstrokes.

Snow Day 3 coats.  An icy blue frost.  It didn't look this frosty in the bottle!  Again this one shows the brushstrokes so apply with care.

Wrap Me In Ribbon 2 coats.  Metallic dark pink with a subtle but pretty shimmer (slightly frosty look).   This one was more forgiving on the brushstrokes so it was easier to apply. My favorite of the bunch, I'm a sucker for pinks!

Jess' Champagne Toast 2 coats with Seche Vite topcoat.  Metallic silvery purple with super fine pink glitter.  The pink glitter was hard to photograph it disappears on the nail a bit but it's there.  The glitter though is lumpy so you need a thick topcoat.

Elle's Spell 3 coats.  The sheer base looked very raspberryish until I applied my 3rd coat and it turned a cranberry red.  The flakes aren't as iridescent once on the nail but still very pretty nonetheless.

I thought Snow Day was too frosty for me but other than that one this a shiny, sparkly collection that I enjoyed.  You can get this collection at Ulta HERE.  They have a special price for Barielle it's $6.00 each and through the month of October it's buy 2 get 1 free.

These were sent to me for review.

Club Nintendo Rewards Has New Items!

I have been hoarding my club nintendo points for 2 years because they never have anything remotely cool.  Remember last year I got a Mario hat?  That was a platinum reward for redeeming a certain amount of points.  I used to eye club nintendo japan because they got all the neat stuff, so anyway I decided to see what this year's platinum reward was when I saw they had new items!

I immediately bought this lol:

It's a pink Animal Crossing fan!  I really wanted the Mario one but it was SOLD OUT! Grrrrr

The 3 fans below are all sold out, when they restock I want the Mario one.  They also have super cute pins, I'd get that too but I have nowhere to put it.

This one is cute too, when I see the squid all I can think of is dying repeatedly to those in the ridiculously annoying water levels lol.  The case color is awesome.

I only have enough points left to buy 1 more thing, I'm so torn. What should I get?!

Barielle Style In Argyle Fall Collection Review and Swatches

Here is Barielle's 2010 fall collection, Style In Argyle. 

Aura Angora 2 coats.  A mustard yellow creme.  To be perfectly honest when I saw it in the bottle I thought it was a ghastly color, but once I put it on I really liked it.  I think this is one of those either you love it or hate it colors.

 Cowl Of The Wild 3 coats.  A mushroom taupe.  One can never have too many of these right?  This is like chocolate silk!

Tight Knit 2 coats. A dark slightly purple brown creme.  My flash really lightened this one up so please do note it is darker in person.

Wool You Marry Me? 2 coats.  A rich russet creme. 

Unraveled Rust 2 coats.  A dark slightly reddish brown creme.

Cashmere Or Loose Me 2 coats. Light brown with a subtle copper shimmer.

Every single one of these polishes applied like a dream and needed only 2 coats except for Cowl Of The Wild.  You can get this collection at Ulta HERE.  They have a special price for Barielle it's $6.00 each and through the month of October it's buy 2 get 1 free.

These were sent to me for review.