Glittery French Mani

It was hard to pull me away from my painter's tape, but I tried some of these french tip stickers sent to me by Nailene and they worked great! It looks like I placed my stickers up too high but my nailbeds are different shapes and sizes and it looks quite normal once it is finished.

Application of the stickers was much easier than painter's tape, well because obviously they are cut and shaped for this. I like to tape up all 10 fingers before painting. I applied 1 coat on the tips with Color Club Where's The Soiree?. Can you tell by now it's my favorite black?

My only problem with the stickers was it was very sticky. The first time I tried these I used my Gripper basecoat from the previous post, well it's supposed to be sticky so it can hold onto polish. That made it adhere to these stickers better so I lost chunks. I tried Nail Tek foundation II and I still had a spot peel off. I guess I'm not used to the stickiness since I've only used painter's tape.

Once I finished my tips with black I went over them again freehand with my gold holo glitter franken.

I didn't name this yet. Someone want to take a stab at it?

I love adding glitter to french tips. Glitter is so forgiving you can quickly freehand it and not leave obvious mistakes.

I also received some nail decals from Nailene so I blinged up each ring finger. Well blinged up might be a bit exaggerated lol. I like to use tweezers or the pointy part of an orange stick to apply decals.

All finished topped with a coat of Seche Vite.

Right hand love.

The nail decals and french tip guide stickers were sent to me by Nailene.

Stained nails update

Only one thing has changed since December when I had sickly orange nails: I changed my basecoat! I completely gave up on whitening products, I feel like it's just another way to get me to empty my wallet.

I have been wearing nail polish everyday like usual and gradually my new unstained nails grew in and stayed that way. Now I cannot say for sure that my basecoat was causing the staining, all I know is that I'm not embarrassed to wear a french manicure now lol. I mean just look at this picture. The new photo was taken Monday, March 29.

My new favorite basecoat, Nail Life Gripper. I got this at Sally's for around $5-6. The bottle is huge (1 oz!), dries fast, and for the 3 months I have been using this never had any peeling or chipping issues. I know my average mani only lasts 2-3 days but I have worn several for 4-6 days no problem.

I recently purchased Nailtek Foundation II from TJ Maxx. I have no idea why I got it since I've already found my HG to unstained nails. So once in a while I will apply a coat of Nailtek over Nail Life. I'm wearing a coat of it on this picture above (it looks slightly matte). Other than this everything is the same: 2-3 coats of polish, 1 coat of my favorite TC Seche Vite.

There is a lot missing out of the bottle, I knocked it over the other day and watched in horror as time slowed to a crawl in that moment and I could see and hear the *glug glug glug* as it poured out on my dining table! Good thing it's 1 oz.

Pure Ice Super Star & Konad m60

I bought one of the new Pure Ice polishes a while ago, this one caught my eye because of the holographic sparkle I saw in there. I was kind of disappointed with it, it was a pretty color and all but it wasn't special either. I even forgot to take a before konad photo sorry!

I'm wearing 2 coats of Super Star and stamped it with Color Club Revvvolution using plate m60. In person Super Star is much darker and it looks really cool now! I want to try to make a video sometime, should I do it? I'm terrible talker lol.

Nubar Violet Sparkle & Konad

Well the rest of my plates that were backordered came in so I stamped over Violet Sparkle right away.

This is 2 coats of Violet Sparkle with 1 coat SV. Photos really did not capture how stunning this polish is. There's a depth to the pink and purple sparkle you have to see for yourself. I wish I bought the whole set!

Stamped it with plate m51 using CC Where's The Soiree?.


Have a great weekend!

Kudos to Nubar customer service

I was disappointed to see that after taking a picture of my order that my Fire Sparkle was cracked in several places. I sent them an email about it and not even 5 minutes later I got a response saying they would ship another one out right away. About an hour later I received another email saying it was shipped with a tracking number! I have never had a broken bottle issue before but I must say this was probably the best CS I could have ever hoped for in a situation like this. My new bottle is supposed to arrive tomorrow!

I really wanted to wear Fire Sparkle so I did a quick french mani, it is an amazing red glitter! Since the bottle was cracked in 4 places I wrapped it with painter's tape for the time being just in case so that's why I'm gripping the handle.

I used Nailene french manicure stickers (sent to me for review, which I will do another post soon) and applied 2 coats of Fire Sparkle. Then 1 coat of SV.

Some right hand action. I figured out how to post bigger pics without having to use an outside photo uploading source, yay!

Isn't it hard sometimes to know when to stop? I had to konad it and I used plate m71 with CC Where's The Soiree?. Topped it with a coat of SH protein and another coat of SV.

My Rite Aid was a nail polish dreamland last time I went, all of the new Revlons, Borghese, Maybellines and Sally Hansens were in stock! And all the old SH Salons were 75% off! With great willpower I left with this nail treatment and a couple of clearance items :)

Oops I'm rambling now. Thank you Nubar for your fantastic customer service! Now if only you would lower shipping rates (^-^;)

Nubar Prize

My first Nubars finally came! I picked Prize first, it was very opaque only needed 2 coats. I used Diamont, let it dry and then applied a Sally Hansen protein treatment over that and topped it off with another coat of Diamont for a smooth finish.

Sunlight finally!

Even indoors without flash was sparkly.

Random post with food!

Are you getting sick of frankens yet? To give you a break here is some food!

Bananas Foster

Creme Brulee

Lemon meringue drink with dry ice in it, it was smoking!

I can't remember what I was wearing, oops.

Crab cakes with rice pilaf and squash.

Filet mignon.

I have been craving furikake (seasoning you sprinkle over rice) and I saw some HK ones and well, you know the rest.

I have been dying to try the flavored kit kats so I got the strawberry soda one! The little box on the left is some caramels, I've been craving these for many months!

Have you ever seen this? I never have until just recently, but you assemble the fork and spoon on a toothpick and balance it on a glass. Then you light the toothpick and like magic it still stays on there.


Franken - Water You Talking About Blue?

This is pretty color accurate, indirect natural light. It's a blue-green that has an awesome teal shimmer. I'm wearing 2 coats and a coat of Seche Vite.

Here you can see the teal shimmer, it really makes it pop!

With flash. I looove this color! I had a wet n wild clear that was 2/3 full and mixed a few pigments into it (sorry I'll take a picture of them later). It was a shimmery blue sheer at this point so I poured a tiny amount of BB Couture Laguna Lagoon (it's a mint color) and this is how it came out. I like the wet n wild clear very much, I think I'll go buy a bunch and postpone the TD purchase :)

Franken - OM NOM NOM NOM

I don't think these pictures do this any justice, it looks so cool in person! It is supposed to look like a strawberry, what do you think? Click to enlarge.

I'm wearing only 2 coats! Very opaque surprisingly, and topped it with a coat of Seche Vite.

I was really desperate for an empty bottle, I found an old bottle of SV with 1/4 left so I poured it into another one and washed it out lol.

I used acrylic paint to make a chocolate covered strawberry. I think I should have stopped at the green stem thing, it looked really cute with just that.

The recipe wasn't exact but it was half a bottle of the NYC red creme, a tiny pour of Essie Tomboy No More, 2 drops of Color Club Where's The Soiree? and what's missing out of the Wet n Wild clear. I shook it up and then added 1/2 teaspoon of the Art Glitter Black Ultrafine Opaque glitter. It is the same glitter I used in Sneeze Breeze. Ever since I made that one I had it in my mind to make a strawberry looking one with that black glitter. It came out exactly as I had imagined!

Nicole by OPI It Gets Dark Early!

It Gets Dark Early! is a blackened base with a pretty teal shimmer. What I hate about these kinds of colors is they need good lighting to see it's real beauty. But you know it's there and that's all that matters, right? 3 coats with 1 SV.

Konad plate m71 with China Glaze DV8.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Lancôme L’Absolu Crème de Brillance

Lanôme's latest lip gloss is L’Absolu Crème de Brillance. According to Lancôme, it is a long-lasting, hydrating lip gloss and balm in one! When I first put it on, I liked how it felt on my lips, very smooth not sticky at all.

This was sent to me for review.
Click to enlarge!
Exotic Orchid is a creamy mauve color with pink shimmers in it.

Interesting applicator, I do like the pointy tip.

You can see the shimmer in this swatch much better.

I like this color on me, it looks very natural. It feels smooth and creamy, and didn't dry out my lips. It is lightly scented of roses which I did not mind at all. I needed to reapply after about 3 hours. You can buy this at the Lancôme website ($29).

It was a really nice day! Not the best picture (I look mad don't I?) since the sun was right in my face but I'm wearing the lipgloss. :)

All of our trees are blooming, spring is coming!