China Glaze Hawaiian Punch

Outdoors, I'm wearing 3 coats with Seche Vite. Hawaiian Punch is a semi sheer bright red. It has a very subtle shimmer that is hard to see, but it's there. It's almost jelly-like but I think it leans more towards a creme formula. I think 2 coats looked the same as 3 and VNL either way.

Flash. I rarely take flash pictures but this is the only way the shimmer showed up! Is it me or is my bottle really wacky? The letters are crooked!

Some reds are as much of a pain to photograph as purples, I swear!

My funny dog

Jasmine (the red and white one) does the funniest howl when she first wakes up! Alex put our camera in the bathroom and caught her on tape lol. You might need to turn the sound up a little to hear her.

When I woke up today she was already awake but she came over to me and did her funny trumpet! She is so hilarious :D

This is 3 coats of China Glaze White Out, I used this as my base for my next Halloween nail art!

My entry for Sasse's Stamping Stampede contest. It's a witch flying on her broom and black cats! There's a red dot on the witches shoulder, it was supposed to be a necklace with a jewel on it, but it just looks like a sniper is painting her with their laser scope lol... maybe she's a wanted witch!

China Glaze For Audrey, cake, contest entry and stuff!

3 coats of For Audrey with Seche Vite. What can I say about this that you already don't know? It is a gorgeous Tiffany blue, my lighting made it look very harsh and neon-like but in person it is more soft and delicate.

My end of summer entry over at Nail Art Tuesday. I wore For Audrey as the base and painted the rest with acrylic paint. I kept it simple, it's a girl enjoying a nice day as the season changes. I left the pinky blank so you could appreciate the color, and the other 3 come together to make a landscape picture of the scene. I haven't done one of these in a while so it was pretty fun! Please click to enlarge.

Oh you can check out the other entries here and vote for your favorite.

It was my brother in law Eric's birthday on Saturday so we all went out to dinner. I totally forgot to take pictures of my meal! I had filet mignon with a side of spinach and garlic mushrooms. It was so good! Luckily I got one of dessert, it was amaretto spongecake something. Yum!

This is me and my sister in law, Olivia. We posed like this for what seemed like an eternity and my smile got bigger and more odd as each shot was taken and something was wrong with it lol. I am wearing Baby Goth Girl, my finger got cut off but it looks black anyway! :(

MAC Baby Goth Girl

MAC Baby Goth Girl outdoors, 2 coats with Seche Vite. Blackened purple shimmer with flakies. I got some good shots this time of the shimmer, it is purple, red and pink.

Here is a good indoors shot that accurately depicts this shade 99% of the time.

Look at that shimmer! Application was a little difficult with the chunky flakes (and I think I got a funky brush, it's cut slanted), but a second coat fixed it all. That aside, this is a great color, I really like the finish on this one. I passed on Seriously Hip, now I'm doubting that decision! Should I go back? lol

P.S. I bought two bottles of these so will be giving one away soon!

Essie Primavera

I am wearing 2 coats with Seche Vite. Primavera is a darker pink, I think it's on the cool side. It has a lovely silvery shimmer that showed up quite nicely in the bottle.

China Glaze Fortune Teller

Yesterday I was lucky at my Sally Beauty, I just walked in with my fingers crossed. A girl I had never seen before told me it's not for sale until Oct. 1st but then asked me if I wanted to buy one now. Yes please! She was super nice and even wanted to look at my Halloween mani I did the day before for Sasse's Stamping Stampede contest. :)

Indoors, only 2 coats with Seche Vite. It was pretty gritty so I put a Color Club clear coat on top later. This is so pretty, I am going to wear this for at least another day even if it kills me! There are different sized orange hex glitters and the smaller glitter pieces I believe are round and square mixed.

I leave you with more random pictures, a Doraemon wristlet from forever ago! His backpack part is so tiny I don't know what you would put in it lol.

Totoro family

Hi! I don't have any nail polish today but I did find all my Totoro stuffies while I cleaned a table off yesterday. The one on the end was a little fetch toy for my doggies, one ate all the buttons off the face, and the other licks it and treats it like her "baby". Years ago when Belle was the only dog we owned, when it was bedtime if you asked her, "Where's your baby?" she would go round up all her little stuffed animals and put them on the bed with us and curl up and sleep with them. It was so cute, but then we got Jasmine and she just eats the babies lol so there went that. Er so anyway that's why that one is so gross looking! Hands off, Valerie!

Tomorrow I will show you Fortune Teller! Yipee!

Milani Spellbinding

Why am I always so drawn to reds? I knew this one looked like Lubu Heels, yet out of all the other pretty colors I don't own in a black jelly I pick the red one! Can you guess which finger I applied Lubu Heels on? The ring finger, but it could have been any finger by the looks of it.
Okay enough complaining, I'm wearing 2 coats with Seche Vite and I still love it! :)

Sally Hansen Emerald City

Emerald City, 3 coats with Seche Vite. This is my first Xtreme Wear color, I've seen them a lot in other blogs and never tried one until now. I think this is also my first normal green. It went on very sheer the first coat, then by the third it was bottle color. It has a great metallic shimmer to it, I really like this shade. The wand is soooo long I was shocked, and the brush was wide and perfect! I definitely will try more of these soon. Have a nice weekend!

Essie Sassy Satchel

Sassy Satchel, 3 coats with Seche Vite. Yikes I did not realize my shots were all bad til the next day when I went to pick one out. Anyway this is more vampy in person, it looks more rich and earthy. This one does have a really great shimmer to it.

I finally cut my nails, and it was so I can play Crysis. Sad I know lol but it's so fun! I filed them down waaaaay too short, my hyponychium is showing in several of my nails (hah thanks to Mitsue for teaching me that part!) I try to nip them away but ow just barely touching it is so sensitive! I hope that part goes away soon.

Just because I felt like it I'm going to throw this in, one of my favorites Russian Ruby!

Color Club Dark Romance

L-R Dark Romance, Matte Topcoat, Alabaster, and Smoke And Mirrors. This is a matte collection!

I did a very similar mani to this a few months ago but I think this one is better! I used all 3 colors by painting 2 coats of white on half of my nail and 1 coat black on the other half. Then 1 coat of silver down the middle. My favorite of the bunch is Smoke And Mirrors, it has the finish of unpolished aluminum and super opaque I just love it. Here is no topcoat, and drying time was super fast on all 3 of these.

I decided to try the matte topcoat, it says it will turn any polish into a suede finish, so it ended up turning my mani a little shiny! I guess I will try this out on something else another time. My index finger got lumpy after I sleeping on it ;(

Tammi's Giveaway!

Tammi from The Culture Enthusiast is having a 50+ followers giveaway! I spy nail polish in there... (^-^) Click the prize picture to check it out! She posts the best food too, you might need to eat a few crackers or something to fill up before heading over there lol.

Essie Uptown Taupe KOTD

Essie Uptown Taupe, 3 coats with Seche Vite. A blushing taupe with a gorgeous silver shimmer throughout. I love this color, but I don't think I like it on me. This indoors picture is showing more pink than in person, which is just slightly darker (more brown?).

I was dying to try China Glaze Awaken to stamp with, it works fantastic with Konad! Awaken is so opaque it is wonderful as you can see in these outdoor pictures. I love the metallic look! I definitely recommend trying this for stamping. Oh yeah remember that break last week? My patch fell apart Friday night so I had to chop it off, I don't have the heart to cut the rest of my nails, just yet. :)

I like showing both hands with konadicures, interesting to see how each hand turns out, no? I used plates m20 and 25. Click to enlarge if you like!

Last week I felt like I would die, just DIE if I didn't eat any onigiri. It's just a ball of rice that has a little something inside like pickled plums or fish wrapped in seaweed. I went to Safeway and they sold the full size sheets of seaweed so I made some! I made waaaay too many so I wrapped them up, forgot to take pictures until I ate half of them lol.

China Glaze Laced Up

Laced up is from the Kicks collection, I am wearing 3 coats with Seche Vite. It is a hot bright pink, I had some application issues because mine was a tad thin and runny. I applied a thicker 3rd coat and it covered all the bald spots fine. I don't care what time of the year it is, a pretty pink will get me!

Some knee high Hello Kitty Halloween socks I found. I am chilly 99% of the time and I wanted some long socks to keep me more toasty, finding some in HK was a bonus!

I'm behind on comments, I feel crummy today so tomorrow I will try to reply to everyone. Thanks for reading!

China Glaze Awaken

Awaken 2 coats with Seche Vite. This is from the Romantique collection, it is a metallic shadowy grey. This was so opaque if you were more mindful than I was you could get away with 1 coat no problem. I can't wait to try some Konad with this shade!

Tagged for 10 random facts

Thank you to Inbal @ 20 Color Drops, Tuli @ Tuli's Nails, Danielle @ The Diva's Polish, Nihrida @ Nihrida's Blog, and Diana from Painted Lady Fingers for tagging me! So the rules go something like, list 10 random facts about yourself and tag 10 others.

Gosh I enjoyed reading everyone elses random facts they were all so interesting! I feel like mine is gonna be bleh, but here goes:

1. I haven't been to the dentist in 16 years. When I was a kid I loved going to the dentist it was fun for me. I just haven't been going now because, well I don't even know why. Lol maaaaaan I wonder if I should have even divulged this information.

2. I have 6 earrings in my left ear, and 5 in my right. I ran out of space on my right ear for some reason couldn't fit a 6th. Pierced.

3. I am hydrophobic. When I was little my dad turned his back on me in the tub and I drowned. Luckily we lived right down the street from a hospital so I made it (lol well hello there captain obvious, again! ). I was too young to remember my near-death experience, but ever since then my dad told me I would scream and cry if he tried to bathe me or go anywhere near water. I have some pictures of us at the ocean in Japan and I am frowning in all of them lol. Oh my poor father he raised me as a single parent so having a baby girl was tough on him :) So anyway I can't remember drowning but I've always feared the water.

4. I have never gotten the chicken pox, and I'm 32. Aaaaaaah!

5. I hate cheese!

6. Alex and I lived in Anchorage, Alaska for 3 years. It was so beautiful there, looking back I loved it. We went for a drive one day and saw like 9 moose as we got closer to the airport. If any readers from Anchorage see this, I can't remember the real name of the road maybe you can help me out lol (my intital guess is northern lights road or something). We used to call it Moose Lane and would go take a drive there to see how many moose we could find. I have some pictures I need to scan!

7. My name. I know it looks like "Kay" but the english pronunciation is like "Kai". Pronounced in Japanese it is actually 2 syllables! にぽんご わ: かえ

8. I was stabbed in my arm with a pencil in grade school (maybe 1st or 2nd grade). It has been there since. If I wear a short sleeve that shows the green dot, oftentimes I take a pen and draw a face with it, the lead being a "black eye" and a smiley or sadface depending on my mood that day. Today's arm:
Maaaan I got hairy arms. This is on my upper arm right where you can see it best, centered inbetween my elbow and shoulder. If you touch it there's a slight bump too! eeeew...

9. I was born in Odawara, Japan. I grew up there until just before my 7th birthday. I ended up going to school in Japan for 2 whole weeks, and my first day of school I literally had no idea where I was or why I was there. I was sooo clueless, my dad didn't even tell me what school was! He just told me, go with these kids and take this with you (randoseru - a japanese school backpack I guess, I still have mine :D) lol it was awful, I got picked up so to speak by a group of kids living near me and we walked in a line to school. Once there my teacher went around the room asking us to introduce ourselves and I couldn't do it, so he sent me outside to stand in the hallway. I am still traumatized by that.

10. Man I thought I wrote down 10 facts but I ran out! Okay time to think of one last on the fly...

My 2nd toes are longer than my big toe.

Sorry I was so long-winded on some of those! If you read all that, you are amazing lol.

I tag (in no particular order):
  1. Wan
  2. Céline
  3. Rachel
  4. Grace
  5. Valerie
  6. Violet
  7. Thriszha
  8. Nessa
  9. Nicole
  10. Chocaddict (Sorry I don't know your name!)
  11. Asami
  12. Nora
  13. Lucy - lol pretty please?
I had to stop myself there, I hate picking other blogs because that means others are left out! I'm sorry if I couldn't tag you but anyone is welcome to join in!

Essie Thigh High


Thigh High outdoors, 2 coats with Seche Vite. This is such a pretty shimmering red, it's bright and rich at the same time! I hate to admit I'm a big red fan so almost any red pleases me.

I will try to type my facts out on my lunch break later!

Color Club Wonderland & Yule Love It


Yule Love It, 2 coats outdoors. The base color is very pigmented as you can see, it is a raspberry red color with lots of glitter. I could sit around and admire this all day I think!

Wonderland, 2 coats. This is clearly a 3 coater (or more) and would be fantastic for layering. The larger pieces of silver glitter are square, and amongst them are very tiny pieces of silver glitter. This compared to say, Orly Tiara is so light and delicate it really does feel like you are in Wonderland!

My Pretty Pink Box - One Year Later

Okay, here is my history with MPPB. I first found out about it last fall, and the first month it was sold out by the time I heard about it. Next month I checked at noon (it starts selling at 7 AM pacific) and it was sold out. NEXT month I'm up at 7:45 AM and IT SOLD OUT! Now I think it skipped a month during the holidays so the next time it's available I fell asleep around 6 AM. So now we are around March or something, I gave up. I occasionally checked back but never kept up on the date it goes for sale. I noticed some blogs mentioning it for this month so I thought why not? It was on sale! Yayyyyyyy!

Sorry for the long story but it took me an entire year before I could get my hands on one of these so yeah I'm pretty excited!

What I got:
  • A full-size Totally Texty Conditioner
  • Revlon Fantasy Lengths in Flirty
  • Kiss Everlasting French glue-on nails in short (short! *dies)
  • Sample pot of eyeshadow from Orglamix in watermelon
  • Sample of Pink Grapefruit Facial Scrub from Mineralicious
  • Sample pigment from Paint Fx in Malignity Rouge
  • Sample scent called mark. Sophistique I think?
I saw some other boxes that had the black french tip pen, I was hoping for that one but oh well I am so happy to have finally gotten my box lol. I have no idea how to wear eyeshadow so I guess I will franken with those. I will try the lashes soon tho! The conditioner, maaan. It says it's for teens or 'tweens' and it has a deoderant for stinky teenage scalps. Uuuh. I will still try it! :D

My Pretty Pink Box the September box is still on sale!

I have another post coming today with the rest of the Color Club Wonderland glitters!

Sinful Colors Social Ladder

Sinful Colors Social Ladder. Very pale sheer white with a hint of pink in there. I had to wear 4 coats and still VNL. I liked the very pretty flecks in it so much that I didn't care it was sheer!

This dark picture shows the flecks better for some reason!

I am trying my best to not change my polish daily and today is day 3. In case you were wondering I'm wearing OPI Russian Ruby with a black butterfly stamp on it. I loooove Russian Ruby so much! Have a great day!

Color Club Under The Mistletoe

Hi everyone! Sorry for not posting in a while, what happened was I broke a nail and luckily I managed to patch it. It is on my right hand but if I break a nail I can't repair then I have to cut them all, having one short one drives me crazy! So anyway onto the polish...

Under The Mistletoe is from Color Club's Wonderland collection, it's a mini set with 3 glitters and a clear topcoat. I am wearing 2 coats and I thought the glitter and color covered really well. I only used 1 coat of Seche Vite and it is not bumpy at all. It is like key lime pie on my nails! Why do all polishes compare so well to food?

China Glaze Medallion

Medallion is crazy over the top! Wow, I'm speechless. It is gold glitter densely packed in with larger holographic hex glitter. Well, these pictures will explain better than any words I type.

I did not photoshop any of these, they are just that intense! Even indoors the hex glitter changes colors like that (minus the sunlight flare). You must click to enlarge to see it's full glory!

I have to show you a few shots outdoors so you can see all the colors it turns into!

3 coats and it was pretty bumpy so 2 coats of Seche Vite smoothed it out.

The boring indoor shot (is actually not so boring!), but look it's even colorful indoors no flash! If you can find this, it's a must-have!