Color Club Front Row Diva

Front Row Diva is a pearly soft white with a hint of barely there lilac to it. I want to roll around in this color!

I ended up grabbing my black striper polish and just started drawing lines and this what turned out. It looks like an ink bottle exploded! Indoors.

Outside, this is 2 coats. Only after I took pictures and was cropping them did I notice the VNL, weird because I can't see it in person!

Serving up Cherry Pie and Orange Marmalade at the Raspberry Festival!

These 3 shades were the last of the Summer Days I have not worn yet. I thought I would swirl them together but I ended up trying to make a sort of swirled gradient. It was so hard to capture this, it just looks like my whole nail is Raspberry Festival. In person you can see it much better!

I think this inside shot shows it better then sunlight. Raspberry festival is on the left, Cherry Pie is in the center of the nail, and gradually turns into Orange Marmalade on the right. The gradient goes horizontally since I unexpectedly changed my plans last second from a marble attempt.


I used to eat a popsicle called an Astro Pop when I was in 6th grade. Not the red, white and blue one but it was red, orange and yellow. I could only find 1 picture, but this is what it reminds me of!

I loved these!

OPI French Cognac

No matter what I tried this did not photograph the brown in this color, it is not red. It's burgundy and brown mixed together, dusky almost. At least that's what I see, this bottle is all yellowed up at the bottom so I don't know if this is the color it's supposed to be.

Either way, I like it. I wore 3 coats and it applied like a dream, smooth and creamy!

I had to stamp it, I've used this before but it is my favorite french tip on plate m56. You can see the yellow bottom well in this one.

Oh the pain and suffering of crooked stamps. It was sooo crooked I tried to do them all crooked to match, and my index went on straight! Figures.

OPI Shorts Story

Yay more pinks! Are you surprised? I didn't think so. Someone planned all this out so well I will leave it as it was meant to be enjoyed. OPI Shorts Story: Hot pink. The end.

I struggled with this one, not sure if it was formula, the tiny mini brush, user error or all of the above. Lots of dragging and kind of thick. So worth it tho!

I was ready to gouge my eyes out, or at least poke one eye out with a spoon if I had to look at pale green and yellow one more day. I procrastinated for weeks and finally the thought of wearing an eye patch got me moving.

China Glaze Ruby Pumps

I layered 2 coats of Ruby Pumps over a coat of black polish. I think it looks like a more colorful and sparkly version of Lubu Heels.

The sunlight pictures I took disappointed me, they were not dazzling like I was seeing in person.

So inside I went (gladly since it is 106 out right now!) and you can see more black showing through.

So I have officially been on biotin for 6 months now. The only reason for taking it was to help strengthen my flimsy nails. I now think that it is just impossible to do such a thing, I might have to settle for a nice nail strengthener polish. Well anyway I do believe it helps my nails grow much faster so once I find a ruler I would like to try to put my finger up to it and take daily pictures! Now if only I can find a ruler...

Quick update

I won't be able to post anything new until this weekend, so here are my nails I did yesterday.

OPI You Ottaware Purple with OPI Greece Just Blue Me Away. It looks... interesting. Kind of reminds me of a more wacky version of an abalone shell in certain lights. I must admit it looks much better in person! I failed miserably at water marbling many months ago and got the idea for this over at Tartofraises: Nail-Art.

This is a cucumber that my mother in law gave me, it's huge! Inside was like a honeydew melon (seed wise) but it tasted like a really mild cucumber. I diced it into cubes and made a salad with it. That's all for now, I'll be back on the weekend!

OPI Jewel of India

I needed an outdoors picture but it was night and I had to take this off for some reason that I can't remember now. The lamplight captures the bright pink shimmer that this polish has, but it is much darker in person, like a purpley mauve. I'm terrible with descriptions so you are going to have to take my word for it that this really pretty!

I have been wearing the same polish now for 48 hours (TTYL), have not done that in months!

OPI Ti-Tan Your Toga

Ti-Tan Your Toga surprised me with it's opacity and pearly finish. I just love this color! It's like you overpoured your cream into your coffee bigtime. Mmmmmmm....

This is such a bad outside shot, sorry!

Look at this finish and color! Yum Yum. I used 3 coats, the formula was a tad runny it hit my cuticles a few times. Nothing really bad tho!

Speaking of yum yum, we had marinated grilled chicken the other night.

I like to burn my tortilla just a little, then a couple of pieces of grilled chicken with homemade salsa on top. I scarfed these like no other lol.

Old awful Koni's

I have TTYL on today, what I like about it is that this is a lovely low light color, if you know what I mean.

I take bad holographic pictures so I am going to dig up my bad stamp day pics! No matter how awful a mani looks I try to take a photo, just in case.

Orly Hot Stuff. I love this color! I didn't get to wear this for long since I fouled it up immediately after.

OPI Nice Color, Eh? When I first saw the bottle in person I mentally put it at the bottom of my wear list, but when I put it on I was so surprised how shimmery and pretty it was! I tried some blue flowers and ew.

OPI Hawaiian Orchid is a very pretty sheer cool pink. This is 3 coats and the NL stuck out like a sore thumb so I tried to cover it with the checkerboard tips and it just looked weird. Probably more of a wrong color choice than anything. Tip color was Orly Sterling Silver Rose.

China Glaze Grape Juice

This is a few days old. I finally took my patch off my middle finger, it doesn't fan out anymore and look wider near the tip! That thing lasted 8 or 9 polish changes and I use acetone remover. It was a success since I was able to file away the split and the patch kept it tiny and stopped it from growing any larger.

I just love the shimmer that this collection has, Grape Juice is packing a ton of silver.

3 coats.

Summer Dress

I took off my polish 3 times last night! Nothing looked good, all was lost. Then I decided to try drawing something again and it instantly turned into a summer dress version of my "Little Black Dress" mani I did the first week of June.

Here is my left hand indoors. I did this hand first, I knew I was going to put the silver there for the necklace so I gave this dress spaghetti straps. Once I got the bullion on I put random polka dots with my dotting tool (I finally got one!). I wasn't too thrilled about the style of the dress for some reason.

My right hand outdoors. I knew I had to change the dress so I tried to make a bow to tie it at the neck. Winner! Now it looks very summery.

I used Finger Paints Bikini Bottom (after seeing this name when I was all done I slapped my forehead) and LA Colors Nail Art Polish for the dots.

Essie Tomboy No More

I love reds, and this one in particular reminds me of my old-time favorite Malaga Wine by OPI. It has a jelly finish and is slightly dark and vampy.

In this indoor lamp shot you can see the jellyness pretty well, and this is what it looks like most of the time.

Looks so different outside, turned bright red! All in all, I like this one. This is 3 coats and definitely still visible NL, I wanted to do more but it was this or bubbles and I gladly took the former.

I'm sorry I haven't given credit to those that gave me one so here goes:

The ever so nice Elaine from Lacquer Laine gave me my first one! Her blog is awesome so you should definitely check it out.

Tuli from Tuli's Nail Polish & Stuff was next, I love her blog it is so interesting it has polish I have never seen before from Israel.

Most recently one from Millie at Glittermillie's Nails and Sparkle her nails are amazing!

I don't like the idea of picking certain blogs out of all that I read so I will just leave it at that. Thanks Elaine, Tuli and Millie (^O^)


I did a real pooptacular konad job today so I think I will show you some stuff I wore last week.

Great Expectations by Essie. Uuuuh, it's a soft greyish/white with a barely-there shimmer. This was 3 coats and it was so blah that I stuck a black holographic star there, but it's still blah looking.

China Glaze Visit Me In Prism, yowzers! Each bottle of this stuff needs to come with a pair of shades, for safety. I think the polish color is a pale lavender or pink, I'm not sure, the bling just gets in the way. I put this side by side with OPI DS Diamond and they looked similiar, comparison swatch or no?

One of my favorite roses, the multi-color ones! They look so creamy and colorful at the same time, and they smell soooo good, like raspberries most of the time.

Country Club Khaki

I like this color very much, it's not flashy at all but it still gets noticed.

Plate m25.

Morning sunlight! I'm still wearing the same patch from last week, it has lasted me at least 7 polish changes and I use acetone remover. The edge of the patch near my cuticle is wearing thin but other than that it's pretty sturdy, I'm impressed.

DS Jewel

I really hated this on me all day yesterday, but it's growing on me. A little. The base is a dark reddish brown with glitter. The way the polish applies reminds me of Lubu Heels. The glitter sparkles gold, green, pink and a bronze to match the polish. I wore 3 coats. You really should click this picture above to see the glitter!

This was nearly impossible to photograph, but mainly you only see the pink sparkle. You have to look pretty hard to see other colors unfortunately.

Well I tried!

Sterling Silver Rose

Today I'm sporting Sterling Silver Rose by Orly, it's a frosty hot pink. I want a cell phone this color!

This is the rose bush behind my hand in the picture but it wouldn't fit! I know I've been kind of dull with no painting and even no stamping this week so I'm hoping to pick up the brush again this weekend for some nail art.

Have a nice day!

Greece Just Blue Me Away

Greece Just Blue Me Away is a very sheer shimmery blue. It's makes me think of the bright blue ocean, the kind you see in cruise commercials and want to dive into. Well except for me I'm hydrophobic. It's so pretty but why is it so sheer?! I already tried layering it over black which I liked a lot but today I tried an OPI that lost its label, it's a shimmery burgundy. Before posting this I was browsing blogs and noticed Mary layered today too, and hers looks so awesome! Her blog is Body and Soul :)

I didn't know this was blurry, but I just wanted to show the other color.

The blue is more vivid in person, maybe the reddish bottom coat was a bad idea.

I did 3 coats of the unknown OPI, a topcoat, 2 coats of Greece Just Blue Me Away and then another coat of SV, I look like I have fake nails on if you look from the side!

Here is a bad flash picture I took a week or so ago when I tried it over black. Look at the growth, woo!