Revlon Street Wear Grape

I love this color! It's dark purple with a hint of mostly silver shimmer, but there are bits of purple, pink, and green if you look very closely. This is 2 coats, it bubbled on the second coat, yuck.

This picture more resembles the actual color.

Tried to cover up the bubbles with some fimo flowers but I put too much clearcoat on top of them and THAT bubbled and left waves! I guess it was just meant to be. I kind of wished I kept the flowers simple on all my fingers like my ring finger.

I have a silver Street Wear for next time, thanks for reading!

Orly Moonlit Madness and more older stuff

I found some more old polishes I had while cleaning out my desk, I think this is the last of them how sad. I picked Orly Moonlit Madness to wear, it's nothing to write home about the color isn't my favorite. It thinned over the years which is kind of odd, so application was a piece of cake! One coat.

Here are the polishes I found: Left to right, Maui Mango, SH Sheer French Buff, Revlon Street Wear Grape.

Left to right, OPI base coat I found last week that's 14 years old and hasn't changed a bit, jane Hot Blooded, Orly Moonlit Madness, and Revlon top speed in Cherry. The Revlon smelled really, really bad!

The oldest polish I own, OPI Maui Mango. I put the bottle on top of some polish I put on paper and messed up the label as soon as I found it, figures. I think this one is from their first collection in 1989, anyone know?

I swatched some of them over my old mani I was curious how Maui Mango looked, surprisingly it wasn't that goopey and applied well without needing any thinner.

This is the brush for my purple Revlon, this is what stopped me from wearing it in the past. I trimmed the brush so I can't wait to wear this!

Quick and tiny update

I forgot about my haul last week from the mall so here it is:

I like the Claires polish a lot so far, first time I've tried them.

I changed the theme on my phone, I like it and don't like it at the same time! I think it's going to grow on me since it has a cute lockscreen, text message window and other adorable little things. I just love gadgets. Any of you going to buy a Palm Pre next month?

This is what I've been wearing for a few days, definately time to change it tonight! Claires Blue Neon with silver glitter stars on top.

Boom Blox Bash Party (the second Boom Blox) came out last week in the US, I can't wait to play this! If you have a Wii you should definately try Boom Blox it will make your arm fall off and you won't even care. I might have to wait until my birthday tho aaaaah.

Edit: I had to throw in a video for Boom Blox 1, you have to see to believe!

Getting Crafty

I have some more blue painters tape ideas to share. Since I have shown you the craft scissors already I will be using hole punches!

You can get these anywhere, craft stores like Michael's or for a cheaper alternative Wal-Mart/Target type stores (they sell the same brand!). I have a star and heart punch.

My base color.

For individual hearts, place a strip of tape on the edge of your work surface and pull it taut and start punching. Punch quickly since the tape is kind of flexible you want a clean edge. Leave enough space in between the shapes so you can cut them :).

I always pre-tape one hand so that I won't have to deal with sticking tape on my nails with wet polish on them. To place them on your nail, gently drop it on your nail and start to press from the center out. This helps keep the shape from warping.

Once it's on there, rub the edges so that there is no space in the edges! In the picture above you can see where I didn't press around the edges and it's pulling up. The polish will go under this and ruin your shapes.

This is what it should look like.

Paint over the tape, enough to make it opaque as possible in one coat. Do one finger at a time, paint and immediately peel the tape off. Peel it slowly!! If you feel too fast it might ruin your edge. This is trial and error you will get the hang of how fast to peel the tape with practice.

I didn't want to show toes here but I painted all my fingers with hearts but this is what the star punch looks like.

Here is another cute idea. Paint your nails with any color, and punch a shape in a straight line on your tape.

Cut the tape so it is in a straight line.

Tape it over your nail in a diagonal.

Paint over the entire nail and the tape. I'm right handed and taking close ups of my right hand is near impossible, sorry! Oh and lets just pretend theres no blue heart there either.

Slowly peel the tape and there is a pretty cool pattern on there!

Here is the finished hearts, I had no plans on keeping this so I tried different colors I think the green glitter is my favorite!

As if there aren't enough pics in this post already!

One quick and final note about the scissors, if you have an asymmetrical pattern like this one, each side of the tape is a different pattern! Shown above you can see that there is clearly a left and right side. It's like getting 2 patterns in 1!

Okay I'm all done, thanks for making it through this long post and have a great weekend!

Old as dirt nail polishes

I used to keep my polishes in a box when I was in high school (1996 graduate, yep I'm old). Anyway when moving to California from Alaska 7 years ago I threw out my nail polish! A few days ago I found 3 that weren't in that box, wooo! Can I salvage these? They are from the mid/early 90's so I'm pretty dubious.

Malaga Wine, my all-time favorite red. No wonder this one wasn't in the box I wore it all the time.
I saw this color at the OPI site so why mourn the loss of a polish I can go buy anytime, right?

Marooned on Mammoth, I have no idea when or where this came from, but this one looks bad. I rolled it a little before the pic so you can't see the dried gunk in there.

I also found an OPI base coat from the 90's lol. It's half full and not thick at all, crazy! Over the years I have put thinner in all my polishes (including these 2) but never when the polish is dried and stuck in the bottle. To toss or not to toss?

Hello Kitty

I go completely gaga over Hello Kitty. If you were standing next to me and we saw a bunch of HK stuff, you might begin to wonder if I'm insane. So anyway I had to do Hello Kitty nails. I've drawn her before but never a full manicure.

It's even on my Iphone. Super cute theme!

This is probably the best shot of my nails. The middle finger to me came out perfect! Ring finger is the Mac HK, I have a few items from that collection they were all too cute.

The Mac HK was harder to do then the rest because it was just her white outline.

Thanks for reading!

Painters tape part 4: The Finale

I have another pair of scissors but I don't want to be boring so I'll stop with the tape for now. The last mani only lasted 2 days because I skipped a base coat and chipped something fierce, that'll teach me!

2 coats of Sephora by OPI Fancy Schmancy and the tips 1 coat of Sephora by OPI Skinny Jeans. I'm not really liking this color combo and look, maybe it'll grow on me lol. I wanted to do all my nails with the bling but did not have enough =x

Painters tape part 3!

I had some funky ideas what to do next with the tape but I did this right before going to bed so I kept it simple. I used to be into stamping/scrapbooking so I had these craft scissors stashed away. I thought they would make an interesting line for me.

I used two coats of Wet'n Wild Eggplant Frost, covered half my nail vertically with tape cut with the scissors and used one coat of NYC Skin Tight Denim. Next time I will use more contrasting colors because the dark blue and purple is hard to see together.

Edit: Alex made this picture of Jasmine when she was puppy!

Bacon wrapped asparagus experiment

I had some asparagus leftover from dinner a couple nights ago and I've always seen it wrapped with bacon on tv so I decided to give it a shot. I like my bacon crispy so I let it cook in the toaster oven for about 10 minutes at 450. The asparagus I had were very thin spears so it overcooked a little and the tips got burned ( I like charred food so it was actually a plus) but boy was it delicious! I ate all 7 spears and was sad there was no more.


Wrapped in bacon. I put it in the oven with just the foil so always fold the ends up to make a little tray so the fat doesn't go everywhere.

After! The bacon was perfectly cooked, just a little crispy and the asparagus had a good bite to it, mmmmmmmm. Sorry in advance if you hate bacon aaaah.

Racing stripes

When I showed Alex (husband) my nails before taking pics he said, "they look like racing stripes!" so he named this update for me :)

I used painters tape again, black base and put two strips then painted red over it. The red bubbled like crazy!

Panda Bears!

I think panda bears are so cute, I decided to draw them on my nails today!

I tried using my eyeliner brush that I don't use anymore since my art brush got bent. I found out it did not deliver with the fine detail work I need to do so that was a bust. I had planned on drawing bamboo in the background but had to scrap it.

I think they could've been more "chubby", yah?